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Note: 8/17/15 - Coming soon to the site: Individual phytochemical pages and term pages, new botanicals, new books and dvds, and added experience reports.

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             Before you browse this website the number one most important thing to know is that you should use caution and know your substances, even plants.. I intend no harm and wish for your safety. The discussion of the historic use of these plants is simply that. This does not mean that these entheogens should be carelessly consumed or used in the wrong context, dosages, or combinations. It's very important to research precautions, interactions, side effects, and consider your own personal safety when dealing with any plant or substance. Statements on this website regarding the shamanic or historic use of these plants is not intended to encourage dangerous behavior. Please be careful and use extreme caution.

             The purpose of Botanical Guides is to make the general public aware of what they did not know about these most sacred of plants. What many people fail to realize is that plants do produce a vast number of medicinal compounds. Phytochemist have isolated and studied these. Scholarly researchers from Universities around the world have conducted studies on these plants and the microscopic medicinal chemicals that they produce. Nature offers a land-mine filled with intelligence, information, a healing touch and an infinite number of eye opening tools. I also firmly believe that when necessary, nature will teach us the hard way.

Copyright legalities play a key role in the ATTEMPT to suppress information and facts in my opinion. At the same time, facts regarding alternative healing practices can be found readily on with scholarly references included. Note: Educational institutions frown on the use of Wikipedia as a reliable source. If you go to the bottom of their pages however; You will notice many scholarly references listed. I think they are just upset because the entire world can share a research paper and change the world by means of sharing factual data and influencing the minds of the masses, without paying into the educational system while doing it.

Beyond that there are many books with scholarly information that also help expose the truth. So for people to say that holistic medicine is "bogus" with "no sound scientific evidence" to me is just absurd. These people obviously have not taken the time nor used any resources to discover otherwise. Just because the mainstream media hasn't jumped on board to expose the truth to you about certain things in life does not mean these things are bogus or un-true.

The history surrounding hundreds of thousands of entheogenic plants is mind-blowing. Entheogens have been prized and used as valuable tools for not only healing, but a large number of other useful things as well. Such things include expanding consciousneess, dream workings, construction, dye, clothing, etc. Today we understand these plants more than ever. As far as medicine goes, science and phytochemistry have combined to reveal the mysteries of these plants and their effects. We understand that they do infact produce chemicals that have pharmacological value. This is only the beginning.

There is absolutely nothing un-intelligent about the creative force that is present within all of reality. Entheogens can enable one to realize the realistic ramifications of reality. Reality has given us an endless number of valuable tools. It's taken extremely long periods of time and vast amounts of knowlege and resources to create these tools. They have been constructed most precisely by the ever moving force of creativity that exist within all matter in the universe.

Nature appears to be slowly perfecting itself; Human kind seems to be slowly destroying themselves. We must learn to embrance the very essence of all that is natural. Nothing man can manufacture could ever compete with the perfection of nature. Natural compounds are far more sophisticated than anything we could ever make. The average life span of a human being vs. the age of the earth alone is just one example to help you fathom this. Natures pharmacy slowly crafted and perfected its tools over a span of more than billions of years. Nature doesn't fumble blindly. Nature is intelligent. Think about it. Shift your perspective. Gain enlightenment.

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If you're not "out there" then you're in a box. Get out of the box. There's so much to see.

Botanical Legal Disclaimer

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