Sacred Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) ~ Relative of Blue Lotus.
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There are many varities of the this species. Each different colored flower caries its own unique spiritual vibration. These bright colorful flowers aid the human body in achieving heightened states of Chi.

Prickly Poppy Extract
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This opiate like plant offers very incredible anesthetic properties. It's especially prized by Native Americans.

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Update: It Remains Legal!

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Because of its MAOI contaning phytochemicals, this species can be used to intensify the effects of other psychoactive plants.

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Warning: Coca Leaf tea may cause you to test positive for cocaine on a drug test!

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Kratom ( Mitragyna speciosa )

This page will always remain online, whether it's legal or illegal, for historical and educational purposes.

( Mitragyna speciosa )
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Items are not to be confused with "designer drugs" like "herbal blends", or "k2", "spice", or "bath-salts". These products are organic and 100% chemical free. Statements on this page nor any herbs mentioned have been evaluated or approved by the FDA.

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Note: The ban did NOT go through! It remains legal! I'm leaving this article up regardless.

            The same thing that happened with Coca, Khat, Cannabis, Mushrooms, and other sacred plants almost happened all over again with Kratom, and its called prohibition. We win.


Diabolical Kristin Jacobs Reintroduces Proposed Bill To Ban Kratom In Florida


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( Mitragyna speciosa )
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                   Kratom is the name given to the leaf of a tree with effects like that of opiates. The plant actually creates pharmacological chemicals that interact with opiate receptors in the human body. One of the main chemicals is called mitragynine. There are many others, and obviously phytochemical research has been done on it as well. Today its being used by people for treating opiate withdrawal, anxiety, depression, and as a recreational treat that has never killed anyone. Try to find one case of a death that this herb has caused, I dare you. That's more than I can say for prescription drugs, including pain pills. The worse that will happen is taking too much will make you feel lousy, which is much better than death by pills.

I'd really like to see this wonderful gift from reality be used responsibly and remain legal. It has produced very astonishing results which people are reporting worldwide. Others have criticized or condemned its use. I see a wonderful thing. From my perspective, the intelligence that has programmed the configuration within the DNA of this plant seems to have intentionally configured its active constituents to produce mildly negative side effects when abused(taken in excess daily for long-term periods of time). This does not mean that its dangerous or by any means lethal like pills are.

The negative side effects are much less than that of pharmaceuticals, and have never been attributed to death(do you're research). I figured that pointing that, and other things like that out are crucial in protecting the public and assisting in keeping this herb legal. This will prevent problems and keep things the way they should be. I think It's important for people to know how to use things properly, using caution and avoiding excess or daily use as well, unless of course, you need it for pain or other medical reasons. Even when used in excess and daily, it proves to be over-all safe, not leading to death, and not causing more health problems than its used to treat, unlike the drug companies versions.

The DEA on the other hand, and other government agencies are lying. Yes, I said it, and I have every right to say whatever I want so long as i'm not threatening anyone or anything like that. They claim that twelve lives have been taken because of it. First of all, they have never proven that this was so, only found it in the persons system upon autopsy. So the person could have had caffeine in their body also, but no one is going around saying that caffeine killed these people. Twelve deaths vs 100,000 per year that die from prescription drugs would indicate a remarkably safer substance.[1].

Second, if it's banned, it will not disappear. Instead, it will be handed over to the black market where the real danger is. Shady drug dealers may lace it with harmful substances, sell something completely different to the public, and drug related violence may increase. It will also give the Mexican drug cartels an opportunity to make more money on their underground empire. If there's anything we should have learned from prohibition it's that it doesn't work and it always makes things worse.

Number four on my list of reasons that prohibiting this plant is retarded is the fact that millions if not billions of Americans and people around the world have found that it can give them the quality of life they deserve, without damaging the liver or causing death by over-dose. While legal, it's cheap, giving people much more bang for their buck, and you don't need a prescription so anyone can get what they need with little to no trouble. Who want's to go through a bunch of trouble and spend a ton of money WHILE IN PAIN just to get relief? If people can just go right down the road and buy an herb for cheap that works even better for them, why not let them? This is about controlling people, and taking away their freedom, all in the name of greed.

The Effects

                  Basically it's an herb that has all the same properties as opiates. It demonstrates opiate like properties without containing the actual chemicals. It can be either stimulating or sedative, thus working like caffeine or a sedative to help with sleep. Its main active constituent is known as mitragynine, and related other chemicals. They are sorta like Caffeine or THC, in the way that they are both manufactured within the plant. Everybody loves it. On top of all of this, it has antioxidants, and contains some of the same beneficial phytochemicals that are in chocolate and green tea. Pills don't have that! Instead, they have dangerous fillers and tylenol, which kills your liver. Way to go DEA! You guys are so smart and know what's best for us.(sarcasm)

It's much cooler than its cousin Coffee.

For a more detailed explanation of the effects, see my article titled What does Kratom feel like?

A Strain Guide Can Be Found Here!

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For information on protecting your live plants with a homemade natural pesticide/fungicide click here.

Did you know that a simple possession of this plant was at one time punishable by the death penalty in Thailand?

                 People like this stuff. In its native habitat its thought of sort of a nootropic. People use it to get work done. They truly find it in the homeland of the plant to energize and vitalize the body. It seems to help them focus and also makes them motivated. Its enjoyed by everyone in these countries, where it grows in the wild. I find it to be the ultimate study substance.

Precautions: In my opinion it's not for people with heart conditions because it can act as a powerful stimulant. At the same time, we can't really find any deaths attributed to its use, and only twelve that were mere speculation or accusations. Do not combine with any other substance especially MAOIS or SSRIS. Do not use in excess. Talk to your doctor before use.

Learn about the benefits of your stems and veins here.

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