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I've just launched a corresponding YouTube channel with content related to ethnobotany and the things here on Botanical Guides, only with even more! I talk about other cool and similar phenomena such as lucid dreaming, psychology, psychedelics, meteorology, etc. You can find the Everything Awesome YouTube Channel here.

Archieve coming soon!

Scientific Research On Kratom!

How To Grow Hawaiian Baby Woodrose From Seeds & Cuttings!

How To Grow Echinacea purpurea

Simple Techniques To Grow Anything Better And Easier

What's The Best Chaser For Thom?

Why I Think Ketum Is Essential To Our Society

Why Seeds In Your Ganja Isn't Such A Terrible Idea

The Use Of Ketum For Religious Purposes Throughout History

Hydroponics Vs Soil Growing Explained

Diabolical Kristin Jacobs Reintroduces Proposed Bill To Ban Kratom In Florida

Mitragyna speciosa Stems, Veins, And Their Pharmacology And Benefits

Kratom Blog New Science Pharmacology Molecular Synchronicities

Chaga Mushrooms Compared To Others

How Kratom Effects Dopamine In The Brain

Cannabis Psilocybin And Claude Rifat

Ginkgo Biloba Is More Than A Memory Supplement

How To Use Kratom

How Ethnobotany & Meteorology Are Connected

Kratom Culture, Rare Facts, & Pharmacology

How to prepare spagyrics, teas, tinctures, and decoctions.

Reversing Kratom Tolerance And Using Potentiators

Kava Varities, Effects, & Chemistry.

Mumio Incense A Russian Folk Medicine Recipe

Dream Herb - Calea zachatechichi Effects, Benefits, & Methods Of Use

Dream Incubation Techniques For Success

Dream Infusion Recipe Using Calea zachatechichi and Super Greens Supplement

Tuning In To The Plant Spirits Of Blue Lotus And Kava

LSD Is A Synthetic Version Of Alkaloids Found In Nature

The Shamanic Approach To Healing Explained

Kratom Strain Guide - Mitragyna speciosa

The Science Behind Homeopathy How It Really Works

Understanding Phytochemistry Phytochemicals Are Natures Pharmacy

Ancient Ayurvedic Recipe Called Majun

Moments Of Waking Life Lucidity

Cannabis And Dream Recall

A Blissful Union With The Cosmos

Cannabis In The Japanese Spice Mix Kaori Shichimi

sPOD-KHYUNG A Tibetan Medicinal Infusion

Shamanic Infusions That Utilize Cannabis And Hemp

Phytochemical Benefits Of Cannabis Roots Pollen and Leaves

The Ethnobotany Of Marijuana

Dream Blend Ideas For Enhancing Memory Sleep & Dreams

Herbs For Sleep Problems

Herbs For The Brain

Use A Timer To Make A Habit Of Doing Dream Checks

Native American History Revealed

What Does Kratom Feel Like?

Study Your Dream Signs To Encourage Lucidity

How To Program Dream Indicators Into Your Unconscious Mind

Understanding Subliminal Messages Implanted Into The Subconscious

Self Evident Truths Within The Universe

Educational System Misleads Masses Into Believing Reality Is A Meaningless Retarded Turd

Intelligence Within Reality DNA & Naturally Reoccuring Compounds/Neurochemicals

Reality As We Know It

Free Your Mind From The NWO Virus

Making A Homade Pesticide To Protect Your Garden

Everyones Unique Region Of Existence

Shamanic Plant Teachers Allys And Talismans

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Botanical Guides
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