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Alepidea is a rare oneirogen ( dream inducing substance ) used in African Shamanism. I'd like to encourage phytochemist to research this plant further. It's similar to Xhosa and Entada rheedi.

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                 How many of you love dreaming? Modern researchers are studying the phenomena of dreams. Carl jung, the famous swiss psychologiest, understood that their was a correlation of the content of our dreams, and the collective unconscious that we all share as a species. Being able to awaken within the depths of our dreaming mind allows us to study our own unconscious, and subconcious worlds. They are essentially you're unconscious mind communicating to you in the form of symbols, all of which are universally known in the human collective consciousness.

Dreams give us many chances for a better reality. For many of us, they are an escape. For many of us, they are exciting. For all of us, they should be embraced so that they may become part of a daily and never ending learning process. They also give us an endless number of possibilities. Certain things that we encounter or that happens to us while we are sound asleep roaming the realms of our own psychology, is known as a dream sign. These are things out of the ordinary like floating wind chimes, flying over your home town like a bird, or anything that's impossible in waking life. We can learn to catch these signs and become conscious in our nightly visions, thus we become the lucid dreamer. Lucid dreaming is basically when you become aware of the fact that you are in a dream, while it is happening. It has been scientifically proven by many researchers including Stephen laberge.

Throughout history many tactics were used to induce this majestic state of consciousness. Many botanicals that grow from the earth including certain foods have long been thought to enhance or stimulate the onset of such visions. Moder phytochemical analysis of such species indicates that they do in fact contain pharmacological chemicals, and there is much to learn from their biological constituents, which happen to have medicinal value. So without further delay, I'd like to share with you all the story of a little known shamanic plant used by Natives in Mexico for many centuries to help stimulate the act of lucid dreaming, and improve recall in the first place.

The plant known as "dream herb", or Calea zacatechichi is what's known as an "oneirogen". It was traditionally used by the Chontal Natives of Oaxaca, Mexico. The Chontal peoples would prepare this god given tool in the form of a tea, and drink it while smoking a cigarette made up of the leaves before going to sleep. The locals refered to the plant as the "Leaf Of God". Individuals who partook (oneironauts) in the herbal preparation, were able to expereince vivid, prophetic, and lucid dreams. Modern studies have shown an increase in activity in the brain after consuming "Calea Zacatechichi" (scientific name). I'm a firm believer that this plant can help you in your journey towards mastering this art.

I have personally consumed the tea of Calea Zacatechichi plant. If you don't like bad tasting stuff then, woah not for you. I recommend capsules because unlike most herbs, this one is that is unbearable in taste. I wouldn't reccomend smoking it like the Chontal's, because it taste terrible. I do gotta say though, that I have consumed this oneirogen in Elixir form and/or capsules, that I have purchased separately from bbb, and It has blown my mind several times.

I started taking one capsule of the plants powdered leaf every night before going to bed in an attempt to become lucid, and more vivid. After two nights the vividness and clarity that I had while recalling my nightly encounters was mind blowing. I would wake up in complete awe over what I had just experienced. I soon realized not to take it more than 3 nights in a row to allow for tolerance reduction. I still use it, and will for the rest of my life. Mornings after consumption are spent in vivid states of recollection . An Elixir made using high proof everclear is far more effective if you can tolerate the taste. Maybe small shots or something, u know? Be creative...

So, my conclusion after experimenting with the oneirogen itself is that it works. I know from experience that this herb is a great tool when working to recall and explore your dreams. From my experience, if I consume this herb once a night, it's effective for so many days. I'm pretty sure it's not something you take every single day. Or, It can be thought of like training wheels on a bike. Once you get the hang of riding a bike, you can loose the training wheels. The same is so I believe with this particular ethnobotanical. Think of your dreams as the bike and the herb as the training wheels. Either way, the level of vivid coolness brought on by this plant, and the clarity the next morning makes this one all the more worth while.

Before even considering the use of this really cool oneirogenic plant, start a journal. Every morning when you wake up write down everything you remember. Include sensations, colors, anything that you really want to understand ( subconscious and unconscious symbols ), settings, themes, attitudes, behaviors, people, places, and animals. These are all vital clues that you can use to decode and interpret. This allows you to understand what your higher self is trying to tell you. The goal in life is to become consistently conscious of these valuable lessons. If you can accomplish this, nothing can hold you back from doing anything that you dare to dream. Below I will share with you some more vital information to help you master this practice if you are truly interested.

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Tea - Elixir - Infusion

                 Teas to help with lucid dreaming are simple enough to make. Because I mentioned that tribes traditionally smoked these leaves, I'd like to remind you that there is no "fake weed" or "designer drugs" here, sorry. It was merely a fact about the history of this entheogenic oneirogen of consciousness. It's a well respected tool that's been put here for the benefit and use of human-kind. Enjoy it but do not rely on it. I'll explain more below.

Take your Calea z. Herb and add it to a glass jar filled with cold fluoride free water, preferably spring water. Leave the water outside for about a week. Shake it up well at least once a day. It taste absolutely horrible. Personally, I would rather take capsules of it. I don't take capsules of just anything either. I really try to avoid capsules. In my opinion, they are not the way to consume herbs. Sometimes I feel guilty for even taking Calea zacatechichi in capsules. Once you taste this tea, you'll know why I changed to the caps on this one. - anyway..

                 I'm convinced that our nightly visions are meant to teach, or gain intelligence. I consider dreams to be your unconscious connecting with your sub-concious and speaking to you through symbols. They are showing us hidden feelings and affirmations that we have dared to consider in the waking world. Even if your nightly experiences do not seem to make any since to you, it still contains a vital message I believe. There is plenty of academic knowledge that indicates these nightly occurences are not mere meaningly hallucinations, but rather messages from your higher self. They should be regarded with respect and not ignored.

Interpretation is successful when a strong intention to accurately uncover the true meaning behind them takes place. The more you follow this intention with action toward discovering the meanings behind your dreams, the less odd they will seem. You are eventually confronted with the truth from your higher self. Be honest with yourself and do not run from it nor the truth. Communicate with yourself and raise your awareness of this reality, expand your consciousness, grow and glow. There are a number of dream dictionaries out there, and they are not based off folk lore rather extensive periods of research on the symbolisms contained within the human collective conscious and collective unconscious. You can think of it as "the wisdom of the ages".

On a final note, I'd like to add that if you're not willing to put forther any effort this practice is not for you. I also want to add that I wish to see these plants grown by just about everyone. Please help preserve their genetics so that they may cary on forever. Remember that there is no quick fix to master this ability and no supplement can replace the action of actually working at it. It takes time, effective effort, dedication and a serious go get 'em attitude. If you really try and work at it then and only then will it happen so remember that and have fun lucid dreaming!

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Here are a few tips to help you on your journey to become both vivid and lucid. If you practice every single day and hold on to the intention, it will eventually happen.

1) Look for signs. They appear in any sort of clue or "tip off" that you are dreaming. Things like wind chimes floating in mid air are an example. If you can learn to spot these, you'll know.

2) Avoid fluoride. Many people stop using it because of it's supposed effects on the pineal gland. I'm sure some scholarly research would give you further clarification on the subject. You can add the search term, ".edu" to the end of your searches of find a scholarly source for information. see

3) Take up further literature on dreaming. Anything from television, to literature can have an impact on your psychology. From my own personal experience what you read and watch on TV can influence your visions at night because of this. Sometimes the characters even enter your dreams. Be mindful of your own self.

The herb "Calea Zacatechichi" is one of many lucid dreaming type plants. Others like imphepho, ubhubhubhu, and nutmeg are also classified under the classificiation of oneirogen.

Non-opinionated statements originate from the following sources.

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Oneironautics "refers to the purported ability to travel within a dream, usually on a conscious basis. A traveler in a dream may be called an oneironaut." -

Oneirogen "Oneirogen, from the Greek oneiros meaning "dream" and gen "to create," describes that which produces or enhances dream-like states of consciousness." -

Oneironaut - see Oneironautics above.

Entheogen - ("generating the divine within") is a plant or chemical used in a religious, or spiritual context -