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Educational System Misleads Masses Into Believing Reality Is a Meaningless Retarded Turd

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Educational System Misleads Masses Into Believing Reality Is a Meaningless Retarded Turd

Written By: James Scott Hermann

8/19/2015 4:34 PM ;)

          Regardless of what the educational institutions tell us about what is true and what is false, nature, reality, and ourselves are all highly sophisticated functioning systems. The fact that you exist can not be mere randomnicity. There are far too many other possibilities, or "rolls of the dice" that would leave the universe a nonsensicle sea of meaningless insignifigance. For everything that exist, there is a fundamental underlying aspect which is a naturally occuring phenominom known as intelligence.

Evidence that this intelligence slowly gains information and utilizes it to its advantage can be observed in every field of study. Different fields of study in school would not be possible without this reality. When I say this reality, I mean this phenomumom that we live in, that everything is a part of, as a whole the entiretiy of everything that exist. Therefore, reality created these fields of study.

The conclusion from grasping the truth behind all of my words here is that existence is far beyond our egotistical view that we are researching an accidental unintelligent phenomimum that shat itself out of nothingness. This egotistical view de-evolves us into a state of misunderstanding. We misunderstand that the intelligence which influenced the design of everything that has lead to our ability to precieve reality, is far beyond our insignificant bits of knowledge. At the core of existence, is an infinite and mysterious intelligence.

Proudly written by James Scott Hermann

Owner and writer @

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IMO: Unfathomable amounts of time, energy, and intelligence have all progressively evolved reality to make this moment possible.

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