Medicinal Mushrooms
chaga mushrooms
Mushrooms are probably the most taken for granted medicines on the planet. They have shown scientist just how miraculous nature can be. Their compex pharmacology goes unmatched.

Althaea officinalis
Marshmallow is utilized by holistic healers to relieve sore throat, very much so like Mullein leaf. It has anti-inflammation properties. The medicinal applications of Marshmallow has been documented for centuries. It's also mentioned in "Homer's Iliad".

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                This is no ordinary selection of plants. These ethnobotanical specimens are of great interest to pharmocologist, ethnobotanist, scientist, alternative healers, spiritualist, shamans, and other cultures across the globe. They have been used by shamanic cultures for opening the third eye. Many of them have also been used as oneirogens.

Canary Reed Grass is one of many Ayahuasca related ethnobotanicals. It's used by shamans and other cultures as a plant ally capable of opening ones third eye. Other closely related plants include Psychotria viridis, Mimosa hostilis, and Cowage. It's also been shown to improve the quality and purity of soil, making it a beneficial crop to grow ornamentally. Read More

California Poppy - Scientific Name: Eschscholzia californica

This plant stands by its name, being the state flower of California. It's been used by Native Americans as a pain reliever. It's commonly reported to have similar constituents and effects to the opium poppy. It would be very interesting to research and note what effects it may have on the third eye. Many other entheogenic plants induce opioid-like effects due to their ability to to interact with opioid receptors located in the human body. Such ethnobotanicals include: Kratom, Myrrh, Opium Lettuce and Prickly Poppy.

amethyst bar

Cebil ( Yopo ) - Scientific Name: Anadenanthera Colubrina

Cebil is also called Yopo and Vilca. It's used by Shamans to create a psychoactive snuff. This snuff is said to induce intense third eye insights and is used for divine practices. It's a very sacred entheogen to the people of its native land, being one of many allys for the shamans. Yopo can also be used by Shamans in sacred Ayahuasca brews to enhance the entheogenic effects of the magical brew. These practices are very ancient and prove very fascinating. Modern science even has an understanding as to what makes these seeds tick. Phytochemist have isolated many fascinating constituents from these seeds, and other Ayahuasca ingredients. Some of these chemicals exist in the human mind.

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Chacruna Psychotria viridis - Chacruna

Chacruna is another Ayahuasca ingredient used by Shamans for divine practice. They believe that these plants contain vast amounts of knowledge. These ceremonies are very historic and have been used for enlightenment and healing. The plant contains naturally produced chemicals that are known to be effected by MAOI's. They interact with other chemicals found in other species, and even the human mind. Chacruna is a third eye entheogen all the way. Many people also believe it to be one of many oneirogens.

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Coca Leaf Tea; Erythroxylaceae

The Coca leaf has been given a bad name. While it has been used in the mass production of Cocaine, the plant itself has a history of medicinal use. Learn more about Coca here.

Cowage; Evolutionary Medicine

               Cowage literally contains serotonin, nicotine, l-dopa( the precursor to dopamine ) and other ayahuasca related compounds... It's been used in Ayahuasca preparations by Amazonian shamans for a long history of time. In modern times its used as everything from an aphrodisiac, an insomnia medicine, and for neurological conditions.

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Desfontainia spinosa (Chilean Holly, Michay, Chapico, Taique)

The Chilean Holly is yet another entheogen used in Ayahuasca ceremonies by Shamans around the world. This particular plant has many of the same phytochemicals as Datura (Brugmansia) and other dilerants. This means that it is used with great caution and only by highly knowledgeable individuals in practices of alternative healing and spirituality. Chilean Holly is not to be taken lightly. Its properties make it one of many plant allys used to fully open the third eye.

These entheogens have been used in religious ceremonies, shamanic practices, and alternative healing applications. They have been prized for centuries all around the world by people with many different spiritual beliefs. Entheogens are sacred plants to human beings. Many of them have been used in dream workings. Phytochemist have isolated and studied many constituents from them. What's cool about many of the entheogens listed on this website is that they are rare and backed by science. Also many of them are not as well known by alternative spiritual paths in the Western world today. I'm glad to help spread the word of these really cool plants.

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