Free Your Mind From The New World Order Virus

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Free Your Mind From The New World Order Virus

By: James Scott Hermann

         Our brains are sort of like a sponge. They soak up what they are exposed to. If you expose your brain to television for twelve hours, then it absorbs that television for twelve hours. Just like if you place a sponge in a bowl of warm water, it has no choice but to absorb as much of that water as possible. Everything taking place in your mind has everything to do with how you feel, the health of your body and its biological functions, and the environment around you.

Your brain effects other people too. What we are experiencing when it comes to human society, is an enourmous vision activly influenced by the conscious or unconscious interactions between every single human being on the planet. While many people claim that there is a ruling elite controlling the world, the idea that our psychological connections with one another could completely put an end to their game has not been a mainstream teaching.

Your brain in particular, is the most important brain in the universe. It has the power to start a chain reaction of evolutionary realizations and behaviors in yourself and others. The very stories that programmed fear into your mind are themselves the enemy. When every mind lives for evolution instead of hiding in fear, then and only then will victory be in the hands of the righteous.

Don't let the horrifying story of a new world order conspiracy destroy your quality of life. The New World Order Virus is designed to paralyze you with fear. It's psychological. Let it go and create your own neuropathways. I realize these kind of deaologies are new to you. You must realize that panick is detrimental to the human psyche, spirit, and body.

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If you're not "out there" then you're in a box. Get out of the box. There's so much to see.

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