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Bay Bean
BayBean Canavalia Rosea
Bay Bean was traditionally smoked for a mellowing effect. This is a rare ethnobotanical that you will not find for grabs often. Some of it's other names are; beach-bean, jackbean, maunaloa, puakauhi, wonderbean, and Friol de Playa.

Pure Organic Menthol Crystals
Pure organic Menthol Crystals are chemicals produced by plants in the mint family. They are the active ingredient in menthol cigarettes, cough drops, and other over-the-counter medication. Of course, none of these menthol laced pharmacy products give you the raw power of pure menthol. :)

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Achuma Cactus - Trichocereus bridgesii
Acorus calamus - Sweet flag
African Dream Herb
African Wormwood
Alfalfa - Medicago sativa
Aloe vera - Barbadensis miller
Amanita pantherina
Amber resin
American Beauty Berry
Anadenanthera colubrina - cebil - vilca - chilca
Ancient ayurvedic entheogenic recipe called Majun
Ancient Chinese medicine Burdock root
Anise seed - Pimpinella anisum
Arnica montana
Ashwaghanda - Whitania somnifera
Astragalus root
Astrotheology and Shamanism
Ayahuasca - Banisteriopsis caapi
Bali Premium Kratom Mitragyna speciosa
Bearberry - Arctostaphylos Uva ursi
Beating Cancer With Nutrition
Bee Pollen
Betel Nuts - Areca catechu
Bishops cap - Astrophytum myriostigma
Black cohosh root - Cimicifuga racemosa
Black Spruce Tree Resin - Picea mariana
Blank Capsules And Filling Machine
Blessed Thistle - Cnicus benedictus
Bobinsana - Calliandra angustifolia
Bokes Button Cactus - Epithelantha bokei - Living Rocks
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Buchu leaf - Agathosma betulina
Bupleurum root - Chai Hu
Cactus Selection
Calendula flowers
California poppy - Eschscholzia californica
Camphor bush - tarchonanthus camphoratus
Camphor crystals natural incense - Cinnamomum camphora
Canary reed grass - Phalaris arundinacea
Cancer Bush - Sutherlandia frutescens
Cannabis And Dream Recall
Cannabis In The Japanese Spice Mix Kaori Schichimi
Cardamon - Elettaria cardamomum
Carlos Castaneda - A Separate Reality
Cascara sagrada
Catnip - Nepeta cataria
Cats claw bark - uncaria tomentosa
Chamomile - Mitricaria chamomila
Chickweed - Stellaria media
Cilantro Vs Mercury Amalgam Illness
Coca Leaf Tea - Erythroxylacea
Coleus blumei oneirogen
Coltsfoot - Tussilago farfara
Comfrey - Symphytum officinale
Copal Natural Incense Bursera odorata
Country Mallow
Cowage - Mucuna pruriens
Cramp Bark
David Eagleman The Brain
Dong Quai
Dream Blend Ideas For Enhancing Memory Sleep And Dreams
Dream Dictionary

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You can use the search bar above to browse hundreds of botanical guides pages on different items. I'm working on these pages daily. Check back for updates.


                For fully detailed information on a specific herb, click the title at the top of the paragraph. New plants are added often. They can be found on the main page titled "home" as its updated.

False Unicorn Root Chamaelirium luteum

          False Unicorn Root is a natural rememedy of a feminine nature. This means that it's gernally used for female issues. Native Americans prized and used this herb as well. It has a reputation for improving fertility, as a potent additive to repdocutive tonics for women, for treating menstrual cramps, leukorrhea, ovarian pain, and irregular urination cycles caused from pelvic complaints. Learn more

Fennel Seed Foeniculum vulgare

          Fennel has been used primarily for dysmenorrhea, as a carminative in both humans and other animals, and for treating flatulence. Herbalist also use it in the form of a syrup for treating babies with colic. The seeds are said to improve eyesight and this belief dates way back to the ancient Romans. Extracts made from the seeds have been shown to posses the potential for treating glaucoma. It also has a vast history for helping improve the supply of milk that a breastfeeding mother carries. Learn More

Fenugreek Seed Trigonella foenum-graecum

          These extremely healthy Fenugreek seeds produce some rather fascinating phytochemicals. These phytochemicals make this natural remedy useful for breast feeding mothers. It's also used to reduce menstrual discomfort, and minimize symptoms of menopause. Studies also show that it has the ability to aid in the reduction of cholesterol levels. Learn More

Fever Tree Acacia xanthophloea

          This is an entheogen prized by old school shamanic like spiritual paths throughout Africa and other regions of the world. It's used as an oneirogen which induces visionary and prophetic dreams, and allows the user to connect, and transcend messages from the spirit world. It also has several medicinal applications. Learn More about Fever Tree here.

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soul speciosa

FeverFew - Tanacetum parthenium

          Feverfew literally get it's name for its use in treating fevers. It's other main primary use is as a remedy to prevent chronic migraine attacks. The phytochemicals present in the plant matter have been researched by highly educated minds. Read more about Feverfew here.

Flax Seed Linum usitatissimum

          Flax is used for it's nutritional benefits, in alternative, by meta-physicians, and in the production of fine linens. It's been used for complaints related to the respiratory tract, eyes, infections, colds, flue, fever, rheumatism, and even gout. Learn More

Fo-Ti Root Polygonum multiflorum

          This ancient Chinese remedy is said to increase the natural energy vibe within the body, also known as Chi. It's been employed as a powerful tonic, and to restore youthful characteristics. It's also said to build strength and tone the liver, kidneys, and blood stream. This is only the beginning. Learn More

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