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Bay Bean Entheogen
BayBean Canavalia Rosea
Bay Bean was traditionally smoked for a mellowing effect. This is a rare ethnobotanical that you will not find for grabs often. Some of it's other names are; beach-bean, jackbean, maunaloa, puakauhi, wonderbean, and Friol de Playa.

Pure Organic Menthol Crystals
pure menthol crystals
Pure organic Menthol Crystals are chemicals produced by plants in the mint family. They are the active ingredient in menthol cigarettes, cough drops, and other over-the-counter medication. Of course, none of these menthol laced pharmacy products give you the raw power of pure menthol. :)

Holistic Plants & Herbs
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Native American & Shamanic Plant Shack

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  • Maconha brava - Zornia latifolia
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  • Milk Thistle Seed
  • Mind Body Spirit
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  • Moments Of Waking Life Lucidity
  • Mondia whitei of South Africa
  • Mormon Tea
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  • Motherwort
  • Muira Puama Bark
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  • Muna Muna - Satureja parvifolia
  • Native American Elephant Head - Pedicularis grandiflora
  • Native American History Revealed
  • Natural Incense - Dragon Blood - Daemomorops draco
  • Natural Incense - Eucalyptus obliqua
  • Natural Incense - Frankincense - Boswellia carteri
  • Natural Incense Myrrh - Comminphora myrhha
  • Natural Incense Oils Resins Saps Aromatics
  • Natural Incense White Sage - Salvia apiana
  • Natural Sugar Alternative Stevia rebaudiana
  • Nettle Leaf
  • Aint Nobodys Business If Ya Do
  • Nutmeg
  • Nymphae caeulea - Sacred Blue Lotus Lilly
  • Oneirogen - Alepidea Amatymbica - Iqwili
  • Beneficial Plants To Human Health

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    Henbane Hyoscyamus niger

              Henbane has been historically known for its ability to induce astral projection. It's considered an entheogen of the third eye realm. It was used by cultures who knew what they were doing. It's not to be taken lightly or consumed by those who are not familiar with it. Henbane can be fatal. When used in precise dosages, it can be used as a medicine. Learn More

    Hops - A Relative Of Cannabis

              Hops is used in infusions for dealing with insomnia and much more. It has many medicinal properties. The plant is closely related to Cannabis(Marijuana) and even has a similar aroma. While it does not contain THC, it has many other pharmacological alkaloids. In general, it's a calming sedative. Learn More

    Horsetail Equisetum arvense

             Horsetail is a favorite among metaphysicians. It's used as a diuretic, sedative, and anticonvulsant. This means that its medicinal properties stimulate the production of urine, help calm the patient, and suppress convulsion like responses. It also cleanses the bladder from threatening bacteria. Horsetail is also rich in potassium, and calcium. Learn More

    Hoodia gordonii

             Herbalist use it for treating indigestion, small infections, and to assist an individual in loosing weight. It's very popular in South Afirca, as are many other natural remedies. Learn More

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    holistic healing tools

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