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Self Evident Truths Within Reality

By: James Scott Hermann

         My beliefs are postulated conclusions based on basic knowledge of phytochemistry, dna, science, observation and awareness. Anyone with even less than a high school education could read, comprehend, and conclude the same postulated observations. It's important to have an open mind and a will to think outside the constraints of the authoritative educational institutions. Postulate is a term used in geometry. There are many definitions for this term. In this paper it represents the idea of "self evident truths".

There are many self evident truths within reality. For everything that exist shares an intimate connection. Separation is merely a mental illusion when observing specific aspects of existence. For example, if we were to shrink down to the size of a single cell and stare it down face to face, it would appear to be a separate living thing. However, we know that cells are made up of other naturally occuring phenominoms, and that they live inside of much bigger living systems. These living systems are like an automobile or electronic device in the sense that they have individual parts that have their own functions which work symbiotically to run the entire system. This is an exmaple of the intimate connection that I speak of. The universe displays this same basic pattern of symbiosis everywhere we look.

I think there is something out there beyond the atom which we cant see or fathom. I believe the foundation of reality is a mysterious invisible limitless sea of infinite potential for creation to manifest. The more you ponder the big picture the more certain you become that there will always be a level of mystery behind how all of this could be. To accept the unknown and embrace the bigger picture induces a sense of awe and divinity. This is why Science is important to me. It has the ability to show the true complexity of the universe, and the connection that all life shares within it.

The DNA life connection is both mysterious, self evident of natural intelligence, and a fundamental building block of our home world, planet earth. It's as though, the genetic code of all life takes into consideration all other life forms and environmental facotors as well. Like how fruits and vegetables just so happen to have the nutritional goodies we need to survive.

Existence is a living, growing, expanding, evolving phenominom. Many scientist fail us all by concluding things that they mistakenly believe they have "disproven". Bias gets in the way. Try proving and disproving without bias. Detatch yourself from what you think the answer is and focus on proving and disproving. I would not mindlessly follow their lack of vision for the true sophistication of reality, and the mysterious fabric that enables it to function, and create. The beliefs I am sharing with you however, are evident anywhere you look. They are natures clear indications that this is what is happening.

I believe that active constituents produced by plants using phytosynthesis may represent their soul, spirit, or consciousness. It seems to me that the DNA is a script which manifest consciousness through evolution using mysterious naturally occuring phenominom to skillfully construct an already intelligently designed system that will be given the ability to perceive and function in this reality. This is what we call life. This mysterious phenominom that exist within reality ( life ), should be viewed in an awe inspiring way. To ignore the beauty of this, is true blindness and ignorance.

Other compounds they produce could be thought of as "neurochemicals" that are used to think, or cary out other symbiotic biological functions. Take a look at the chemical below produced by Cannabis and you'll notice that it takes on the appearance of a worm-like living creature. Doesn't it look like some sort of life form with a tale and two little arms?

This is a THC molecule, an active constituents found in Cannabis. Could it be that like mitrochondria and living cells that exist within the human body, these phytochemicals are life living inside of life symbotically? Symbiosis is a word that describes intimacy, connection, harmony, co-existence, and co-dependancy when it comes to nature. We need our cells, just as plants need their phytochemicals. DNA fuels the evolution that constructs these phytochemicals and all activity in the life form.

Reality is clearly indicating to us that it's intelligent, and that we are merely individual children born under its majestic rule. Our lives are gifts from an infinite and divine source. Our purpose is consciousness, knowledge, peace, love, joy, comfort, sustinance, and divinity. It's only a matter of time before the universal messages of truth are spread to all conscious and sentient beings.

The fact is that there are many evident truths. DNA being inteligently configured is one of them. The connection between botanicalss and science is also majorly important. While many answers will remain a mysterious dream to discover, acceptance of those mysteries being what they are is truly important. For the connection that everything in reality shares is as mysterious as the origins of its existence. Self evident truths such as this, call out to us.

For example, I believe that plants pass on information to non-plant life forms, as instructed by their DNA through chemical messengers we call phytochemicals. The phytochemicals enter the creature and induce feelings with meaning which can be interpreted as a message. Living life with a sense of dullness or lack of awe is evident that the connection between science, dna, phytochemicals, and life has not been well grasped by an individual. When we step back and look at the mysterious phytochemiacls that make up these plants, and the connection their DNA plays in producing these compounds, we see intelligence. The same thing happens when we look at the connection these phytochemicals have with receptors within our own bodies. All of these sytems, are running off of digital DNA code.

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