Green Vein Borneo
Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is related to the Coffee tree family. This plant contains many of the same alkaloids found in Chocolate and a series of alkaloids that effect the human opioid receptors.

Frankincense (Boswellia carteri)
Frankincense is prized for its essential oils which are believed to be medicinal and energetic. Oils are also used in the production of cosmetics and perfumes. Clinical aromatherapy uses it for skin diseases, respiratory and urinary tract infections, rheumatism, and even syphilis.

Totem Pole Cactus Lophocereus schottii monstrose

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totem pole cactus

Totem Pole Cactus (Lophocereus Schottii Monstrose)

Totem Pole Cactus ( Lophocereus Schottii Monstroes ) is generally grown in the same manner as most Cactus species. Its native to Mexico and parts of Southern Arizona, USA. These cactus form large shrubs that are 5-15 meters or more in height, with stout stems that reach up to 1 meter in diameter. They are easy to grow and a must have for collectors. Growing cacti is a great way to give back to the earth, helping to renew a fresh supply of oxygen to the biosphere.

Organic Totem Pole Cactus (Lophocereus cchottii monstrose)

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