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Beetle palm with nut bunch

        Do you like coffee? Coffee is a natural stimulant, whose psychoactive effects are caused from the naturally occurring compound known as caffeine. The use of stimulating plants does not stop here. This plant is one of many listred under this classification. It's source is an evergreen tree that grows to heights of up to 30 meters, or over 90 feet. The common width of the Betel Nut tree is around 15 feet. If you buy it online, quality will vary, as potency varies. Dried Betel Nut is no where near as potent as the fresh stuff. In the video you can see that it's a harmless stimulant if used in moderation. It would be great for occasisons, or four tourist.

Traditionally, its use was and still is popular throughout Asia, India, and the Pacific. This makes it one of the most popular stimulants in the world. The nuts are commonly chewed slowly over the span of hours, or combined with tobacco. They contain a naturally occurring compound known as "arecoline". Phytochemist isolate and study these compounds found within plants, as they exist all throughout nature. These substances are proof that God exist, among many other proofs. You can see the intelligent design in the blueprints of the science. The Ancient Of Days is the true author of science, he is the OG chemist, and the true source of all substances. Men have only perverted these substances with their serpent medical sorceries, and modded them away from being Godly, to luciferian, by trying to recreate them synthetically, or by altering the chemical structure of the molecules, or by free-basing them..

        Back when I was younger and more daring I tried some. It did make my mouth go number and gave me noticable stimulant effets. I didn't like the taste though. Also, I had purchased dried ones.. I imagine the fresh ones would be a lot cooler. It's really popular over in Asia where people chew it. Law makers have even complained and threatened to outlaw it. I didn't think it was all that super narcotic or anything but still, it had noticable effects. I honestly had no desire to keep doing it, and it wasn't my favorite substance. I can see how some people may like it though. The video that I share below is really cool, and gives you a glimpse into the Betel Nut culture. You would be surpised how many plants like this there are in the world, and different regions of our planet have different ones. Most common examples of these types of stimulants which relate to Betel Nut include: Khat, Kratom, and Coca.

It has an extremely bitter taste. Traditionally, they often mix other things with it because of this. It seems to be up there with Cannabis and Tobacco as far as habit forming goes, in its traditional homelands. I personally prefer Hemp and CBD but hey to each their own. Take note about the Bibles warning about the context in which plants are used. Drinking a cup of Coffee is not forbidden. Just note to be cautious not to use anything in a "shamanic" context, as it's forbidden by scripture, and can lead to negative results in your life. Doing so will essentially result in you being cursed, as it is viewed by god as turning your back on him. One can use this too often, or easily turn them into a habit. Never think about anything more than Jah. We should thank God though and give him praise and Glory for that which he has so kindly given us to make our lives better while we live in this temporary carnal fallen world. Never idolize though, simply be gratful and give thanks, and use properly, while applying discernment.

Please go do search and see what people are saying about this stuff online. Check many sources high and low, and if you have any useful information for me that you think belongs here, please let me know! Be weary of any online shops selling "ethnobotanicals". Some people will sell anything with no regard to the buyer. The Bible teaches us to use descernment, and to note context. Not all plants are good for you. Not all plants are bad for you. Some are really beneficial, but a lot of these "shamanic plants", are bad news. Some of them are straight up poison, and others are just nauseating. This particular fruit I find to be kind of neutral. It's all how you use it, and how often, whether or not you idolize it, etc. It should not be chewed daily that is for sure. But God gives us treats, and when we behave and abide in him, at times we earn them. Everything has a purpose, and we must find it's purpose and use it appropriately, and not in a way that is an abomination. Be ware of false teachings that are really mind training which tie in astrology and stuff with these plants. The Betel Nut as far as I know doesn't seem to have this type of pagan attention attached to it. It is more of a recreational type of thing.

          Phytochemistry studies compounds such as these produed by the Bet Nut plant, and many more that you have likely never heard of. Imagine if all of this information was commonly known to the public. It seems as though there is no intention to make this information public by those who inform our public. Naturally occurring compounds that have medicinal and psychoactive effects should be no secret. Despite the fact that this stimulant isn't my cup of tea, the scientific research behind it is very much effective at showing the intelligent design at play to create such complex biological systems in the first place. Scientist usually don't believe in god, but in my opinion, phytochemistry is one of the greatest proofs that god exist. Studying the context in which different plants were portrayed in the bible, is to study them from a biblical ethnobotany point of view.. We know which plants are good and which are bad, but bad people are introducing bad plants to the word, like Henbane, and Bella Donna, and Datura, and falsely portraying them as "angelic" and "of light", and this is not the case! I do my best to help the public know the good AND the bad so we can spread the word and discern.

I can see no morality being portrayed in how plants are regulated and scheduled. It seems some of the most dangerous ones are legal and have had no backlash or very little, and the ones less dangerous are being attacked. Betel nuts though, for me seem like something along the lines of Coffee, Tobacco, Hemp, and Kratom. I think it's meant for the people in which it grows naturally. It's interesting how god spreads different plants around the world in such a way. I think some places are blessed, and others are cursed. It's the Christian in me. I do recognize that good and evil exists, and you can't just go around consuming everything being sold online. The bible says to test the spirits to see if they are of god! Do they keep gods word? Try to support shops that serve God, and watch out for any vendor that has creepy logos, symbols, or other graven images on their website or packaging. {See Exodus 20, second commandment.}

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I am simply sharing.

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