Wormwood (Artemesia absinthium)

Wormwood has had many useful medical applications. In fact, the first known mention of wormwood is in the Ebers papyrus, a medical document dating to 1550 B.C.
live poppy plant
These seeds are sold as collectors items only. They have also been refered to as the Sacred Anchor Of Life, Milk Of Paradise, the Hand Of God, and Destroyer Of Grief. The were a favorite by the ancient Chinese.


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                   The following selection of books & DVD's offers a variety of material related to the wide variety of content here on this website. There are even books and films in here that question the very building blocks of reality as we know it to be. You will find subjects related to ethnobotany, spirituality, history, science, phytochemistry, quantum physics, oneirogens, biology, etc. They are organized in no special order. Enjoy!

What The Bleep Do We Know?

This film discusses our modern metaphysical understanding of reality. It will open up your mind to experience whole new mystical perceptions about life and the universe. The film does this by using many paradigms of the most advanced science in the world.

E-Squared By Pam Grout

Learn the secrets of the Quantom world that will literally enable you to manifest the reality of your wildest dreams. The book is based off of real life scientific studies and includes valuable scholarly citations in the back. It's a mind-boggling read which will fascinate you from one cover to the other.

Earthway - A Native American Visionary's Path To Total Mind Body And Spirit Health

This book includes ancient Native American teachings. Everything from dream interpruitation, to a dream dictionary, an herbal medicine encyclopedia, a diety guide, and even astrology charts are included in the book.

The Dream Dictionary

This is an A-Z guide to understanding your unconscious mind. It's more than just a dictionary too. The book is packed with everything you need to know on the subject. It even touches base on lucid dreaming. It's also based on academic research. Too many people go around saying that there's been no scientific studies on certain things without actually looking into it first.

The Brain - David Eagleman

David Eagleman takes you on an inner journey through the mysterious and powerful biological circuitry that is your mind. Discover the unconscious mind, and how it plays more of a role in our daily lives than we think. Understanding our mind and how it works is more than fascinating, it's empowering. You'll be inspired to learn much more after watching this awesome series by one of the most famous neuroscientist in the world.

Beating Cancer With Nutrition

This book is a thorough guide to greatly reducing your risk of cancer and other conditions. It's based on sound scientific research. It's a must have for anyone who wants to feel better and improve the quality of their life.

Astrotheology and Shamanism. The Pharmacratic I

This book is far out. It will trip you out with woahness. It's pretty out there though and may be offensive to some. I have other books listed here which may not share the same views as Astrotheology And Shamanism, but they are all interesting none the less. A lot of it makes sense actually.

Food of the Gods

Terrence Mckkenna discusses the use of psychoactive plants and foods as a means to stimulate human consciousness and human evolution. His worlds are sure to leave you with your jaw dropped. The book looks at correlations between all of these epic phenomina. His teachings are inspirational to those who seek to explore and expand their own psyche, and consciousness in general.

Inner Paths to Outer Space

This is a tale of how psychoactive plants can enable the human brain to bypass the five basic sense and unlock multidemensional realms of existence. The title says it all really. It's a book about exploring internal worlds constructed by the mind. It talks about such plants as Ayahuasca and how they allow us to reach heavenly realms that reside within us all. These dream states ARE who we are, and they hold the keys to vast amounts of knowledge.

The Archiac Revival

Terence McKenna discusses speculations on psychedelic mushrooms, the Amazon, Virtual Reality, UFOs, Evolution, Shamanism, and more! I really love the way he speaks about psilocybin mushrooms. The Mckenna brothers are one of a kind. They are among the most wise minds in the world in terms of ethnobotany and ethnopharmacology. This is yet another great read!

A People's History of the United States

This educational documentation depicts the true history of America with lack of bias. The stories in this book originate from American's women, factory workers, African Americans, Native Americans, and the poor and immigrant laborers. For whatever reason, a lot of these stories are not mentioned in our public schools. They seem to be leaving out a large portion of us history for a reason perhaps.

Ain't Nobodys Business if you do

This one is about freedom and understanding the United States Bill Of Rights and Constitution. Preserve our freedom today by becomming involved and standing your grounds legally and peacefully. It's my belief that every police officer in the world should have a copy of this book. They tend to be going after non-violent "drug" offenders too much.. AKA Cannabis users.. Police need to go after psychopaths and not ordinary empathetic citizens who choose to use natural medicine instead of dangerous pills. Do they not know the difference between drugs and medicine?

Crystal and Dragon

This great writing disputes the correlations between science, mathematics, art, philosophy, and religion. It's a story of a synchronized cosmos, in which all things share an intimate and epic relationship. After reading this you may very well experience many synchronicities and have far out epiphanies. This is my goal by sharing this great literature.

Book-Forest of Visions

Learn first hand about the spiritual practices of Shamans in the Amazon themselves. This paperback details the use of Ayahuasca to enter realms of existence un-attainable in the standard states of sensory perception. It's a must have for anyone who may be interested in traveling to Peru to try it, or anywhere else where the legal right to do so has been granted by the man.

Book-Kava: The Pacific Elixir

This is a great piece on the intoxicating plant species known as Kava KAva. It details the spiritual and medicinal use of the sacred plant. It's literally a replacement for alcohol on the island of Vanuatu, and has been scientifically confirmed to reduce anxiety. It produces a numbing sensation in the mouth, and leaves the body in a state of numb ecstacy.

Book- 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl

If you are interested in a global shift in consciousness and the connection that everything in the universe shares, this book is for you.

Book- A Separate Reality

I found this book disappointing, but many people disagree. I think it's based off of a false encounter with a made up dude. Some tend to disagree but it may be worth reading some reviews on to see what you think..

Book- Green Psychology

Here's one written by a famous Author, Psychotherapist, Professor, and Psychedelic explorer. It explores the realization that human kind must respectully co-exist with the planet, and the rest of the universe. It teaches respect, dignity, and divninity. Nature is our source or arrival into this world as conscious beings. We owe it to ourselves to embrace its gifts and cherish its existnece.

Book- The Vestibule

The Vestibule explores the evidence that the Bible and other religions have mysterious hidden meanings that have been mis-interpreted by modern society. I surely hope this doesn't offend anyone because these ancient text are open to interpretation. It's a good trait to have when you can tolerate the views of others. I don't necessarily agree with everything in this book but it is interesting.

Original Wisdom: Stories of an Ancient Way of Knowing

                Original Wisdom is a book that reveals to us how fantastic and simple life could be if we only chose to go back to the ancient ways, or at least compromise some of our modern ways. It touches base on the life-styles of aboriginal Sngoi of the moutainous jungles of Malaysia. There, they respect the silence, trust time to reveal and heal all, and live entirely in the present with a sense of joy. Original wisdom is that of a pure and wholesome life that respects the nature surrounding it. This one is a must have. It's 208 pages in length.

DVD Metanoia: A New Vision of Nature by Simon G. Powell

Metanoia is a film about life, evolution, and reality as we know it. It's fully loaded with awesome scientific facts, tripped out music, and a testimony like none other. You will love this film because it will literally make you go "woah", at least 30 times..

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