This book was written by the author Terence Mckenna, who IMO is a complete "wacka-doo". Don't get me wrong, I like reading about these plants, and pubchem entries, but he's turned to all of these false gods and is spreading false doctrine. People follow him like a cult They are some wierd brothers lol "Take me to your leader", is what comes to mind. Terrence claims to have encountered ET like beings on DMT. From everything I've read, religiously speaking, this are believed to actually be demons in Christian whateverology you wanna call it. I would say mythology, but I think lore is a better term. Lore dooesn't necessarily mean it's not true. Remember there is the physical realm, and then there is the spiritual realm. This guy was very popular around the early 2010's and 2012ish, as backed by ethnobotanical vendors like Bouning Bear Botanicals which was almost a cult of its own, having a forum, followers, and people who were all about shamanism(witchcraft basically). It was meant to appear as something else. Not all new age cults used "ethnobotanicals", but it is very common for witchcraft doctrine to be tied in with the use of herbs, so use discernment! Satan doesn't always appear as a big scary monster, the bible says he can come and appear as an angel of light, pleasing to the eye, claiming to be good..

Terence McKenna is a philosopher, psychonaut, ethnobotanist, letuere, and author. He is a hero to enlightened minds around the world. He speaks and writes about a variety of subjects ranging from pschedelic drugs to plant-based entheogens, shamanism, metaphysics, alchemy, language, culture, technology and other theoretical related interest to human consciousness. So basically, and be fore warned, this guy was occult in discuise. Be careful about following people like this, and about adopting their philosophies and teachings I'm not even condemning all the plants he talked about, but one must thoroughly understand God to grasp the discernment and purpose of some of these ethnobotanicals. They have purpose but are not "toys", so to speak. I believe a lot of false teachers are being influenced and don't even realize it, to draw people away from the truth and keep them hooked on false doctrine which makes them slaves for their slave masters.

One thing that I don't think this dudde, Terence McKenna, or his brother taught, was how to be careful, and to consider that there are consequences about claiming to encounter ET beings under the influence on free-based illegal psychedelic drugs like DMT all the time, and going over-board with your false god obsession. Be ware of new age cults that use DMT and similar ethnobotanicals. Whlie we should not flat out condemn the plants, the "enemy" as Christians put it, seeks to make God's creation look bad, so people turn to serpent medical. See Psalms 91:1-END I think a better study would be to understand symbolism in the bible, and how it applies to current time situations and global powers that be. In a way, I partially blame the Mckenna brothers for stirring up this new age nightmare that unfolded following that myserious and prophesied year of 2012.. (interestingly Bouncing Bear also sold a book about 2012 lol) and that wierd creey artist dude who does all the artwork for bands and famous people like the band Tool and shows up at all the MAPS meetings to ramble about how he worships DMT or some ish... (#_#)

This is not a shop. This is just a book review.

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