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Coleus blumei Oneirogen
Starr 070830-8251 Solenostemon scutellarioides
Coleus blumei is an annual with colorful tripped out looking leaves. Traditionally, it was consumed by the Mazatec indians of Oaxaca for effects similar to Salvia Divinorum.

Toothache Plant Acmella oleracea
Like many other medicinal plants out there in the mystical realms of nature, the Toothache plant obtained its common name from its most common use. When chewed, it produces a numbing sensation, like that of Kava Kava.

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Ginkgo Biloba Is More Than A Memory Supplement

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Ginkgo Biloba Leaves

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Medicinal, Psychoactive, & Otherwise Useful Properties: Anti-Aging, Circulation, Depression, Dizziness, Impotence, Memory, Tinnitus (Gottlieb & Dollemore, 1995, p. 664) Immune Support, Fibromialgia, Headaches, Menopause(Miller, 1998, p. 440)

This article is dedicated to Ginkgo Biloba's less well known medical benefits. Ginkgo is most well known for its use as a general nootropic ( mind enhancer ), and to boost memory. It has a lot more value than the mainstream knows though. "Ginkgo improves blood supply to the brain. It can help with all twelve symptoms of cerebral insufficiency."(Miller, 1998, p. 101) Many people are doubtful of this because they don't understand how the leaves of a tree could possibly act as medicine. The truth is that scientific inquiry exposes to us a limitless pharmacy which flourishes in the fertile grounds of our beautiful planet. This scientific branch is called Phytochemistry, and its dedicated practice is to examine and identify medicinal and psychoactive constituents produced by plants.

As I mentioned in the paragraph above, Ginkgo Biloba has been observed to increase the brains supply of blood. "Scientist have established under clinical circumstances, that a concentrated extract of Ginkgo leaves improves memory performance and learning capacity, inactivates toxic radicals, and improves blood flow."(Swerdlow, 2000, p. 358) These properties would explain why I've always found it a useful remedy for certain types of headaches. I find it to be especially effective in conjunction with some high quality, high percentage, organic dark chocolate.. The benefits don't stop there though. "Scientist have also observed Alzheimer's patients which receive doses of Ginkgo have delayed mental deterioration during the early stages of the disease."(Swerdlow, 2000, p. 358)

You may think that the benefits of Ginkgo Biloba stop there, but they don't. "Clinical trials also show us that it improves airway passages of asthma patients, and relieves symptoms of vertigo and tinnitus." (Swerdlow, 2000, p. 358) It's also beneficial for circulatory problems, arteriosclerosis, and high blood pressure.(Swerdlow, 2000, p. 358) Because of its potential for assisting folks who suffer from asthma and related conditions, I like to combine it with Mullein leaf. Both herbs possess similar properties, and the combination of the two is a very profound and effective remedy in my opinion. Combinations, of infusions, are a very common practice in "alternative" healing practices.

The Ginkgo tree actually produces a pharmacological constituent called heteroside.(Swerdlow, 2000, p. 79) Beating cancer with nutrition: clinically proven and easy-to-follow strategies to dramatically improve quality and quantity of life and chances for a complete remission. Tulsa, OK: Nutrition Times Press.. Heteroside is a phytochemical, hints its a pharmacological chemical which was discovered, researched, and named by phytochemist. This is how we know scientifically that these medicinal plants really are effective at assisting the human body in the natural process of healing. "Heteroside is known to improve circulation, augments the production of healthy prostaglandin, boost the immune system, and acts as an adaptogen ( helps to regulate many cellular functions ). That's pretty hardcore yall. In fact, i'm going to take some right now.

Natural medicines are even combined in certain peoples arsenal of cancer fighting natural medicines. I'm not going to sit here and tell you that it will cure cancer. I can tell you though that morally ethical doctors around the world who believe in natural medicines often suggest herbal remedies, including Ginkgo Biloba. In the Book "Beating Cancer With Nutrition", Ginkgo is suggested along with many others as a way to provide your biology with "complete protection from an entire hierarchy of antioxidants."(Swerdlow, 2000, p. 79) Other commonly suggested herbal remedies for dealing with cancer include: Cancer Bush, Chamomile, Cats Claw, Golden Root, and Ginger root.

Why is it not a mainstream practice for doctors to suggest or prescribe such natural and effective medications? Perhaps it's because the diabolical and fascist regime that protects the big drug companies profits does not want the world to use real medicine that our biology was designed to utilize. Natural methods of medicating are often viewed as ignorant or un-academic by misguided individuals. They have not taken the time to think or research for theirselves. It's unfortunate many of the circumstances that modern society tolerates.

Unfortunately the mainstream world seems to define intelligence as how much information is memorized by an individual. This idea that people have about what intelligence is doesn't take into account which information is accurate and which is purely diabolical and misleading. This is why we have people walking around all over the world who laugh at, mock, and condemn natural medicine as if its a joke. They are mindlessly repeating to others what they have been taught. What they have learned is nothing more than a narcissistic rant, or a "chant" if you will, that misleads others into the darkness.

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