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Kratom is not to be confused with "designer drugs".

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        This Golden Reserve Enhanced Kratom Powder is for sure the "fullest" full-spectrum extract that can be found with an aroma that is very strong. Full Spectrum means that concentrations of alkaloids are higher. It's made by making an almost 100% pure alkaloid extract that is then used in making the enhancement of about 8 times that weight in Powdered Indonesian Kratom. So, it's a lot more concentrated by weight than the many kratom extracts including the Full Spectrum Kratom Isolate Extract.

         Kratom leaf is related to the Coffee tree, and contains many of the same healthy compounds found in it, as well as dark chocolate and green tea's. It's used around the world as a recreational stimulant and opiate-alternative. The corrupt seek to discredit the tree and to outlaw it. They essentially want to make everyone a slave to pharmaceuticals by not allowing us to have a choice. The FDA and other corrupt agencies are attempting to initiate a medical police state. The baker act in Florida is one prime example of this. They use it to kidnap the elderly, yet I digress.

Kratom is something that everyone seems to like. It's affordable, and effectively stops pain according to claims, science, and by those who encounter the herb. In my experience, this leaf is great, yet many prefer extracts such as the Golden Reserve Enhanced product. I find the leaf itself and these extracts to be harmless, effective, and healthy. Like any other substances such as Coffee and Tobacco for example, moderation easily prevents un-wanted negative side-effects. I think too much of ALMOST anything can be bad, am I wrong?

         Kratom is not to be confused with "designer drugs", as the leaf is all natural, closely related to the coffee tree, and free of synthetic drugs or chemicals. The effects of this herb are naturally occurring, like that of any other natural psychoactive plants. Like anything else great in life, someone out there will go out of their way to make Kratom look bad, and ruin it for everyone. Prducts such as these offer heavey drug addicts a cheap and safe alternative to their dope.

Junkies and drug chemist may attempt to create a synthetic version of the Mitragynine that it creates. The prohibition of this herb will certainly lead to this. The result would be a new epidemic much like what happened when the government outlawed Khat, which lead to the production of "Bath Salts." Responsible people will be responsible, abusers will abuse. Yet, with Kratom, daily use doesn't seem to be a problem for anyone that I've heard.

One of the greatest benefits of the Golden Research Enhanced Leaf is that you get a much higher concentration of the anti-oxidant, pain relieving, and mood-lifting properties of Kratom leaf. Why should anyone be denied of this great and wonderful gift to humanity? I encourage you to fight for the legality of Kratom when the time comes, legally and peacefully. When everything everyone loves becomes illegal, what is freedom? Help protect freedom in America by getting involved, legally and peacefully. Subscribe to the American Kratom Association newsletter so you can sign petitions, make calls, etc. They have kept it legal on a federal level for over 10 years now! Stand your ground!

Note: The drug companies already has plans to release several drugs made from this plant! The FDA recently approved the first new opioid drug. What a bunch of idiots. This should make their agenda perfectly clear. They want to ban the leaf, and push the pill. Don't let this happen!

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