I've never read this book. A ecopsychologist with a P.H.D. wrote it. A shop called Bouncing Bear Botanicals sold it before they shut down in 2019. I must warn you of potential false doctrine being shared by people, including and especially shcholars. Many scholars have studied cultures who practiced un-biblical practices, and they spread doctrine. People take them seriously too because they're scientist, so be careful about indoctrination. Check Revelation 10 to see if you're awake yet.

The author and PHD Ralph Metzner has been exploring states of consciousness and other spiritually transforming practices for quite some time now. He helped found the Harvard Psilocybin Project in the year 1960. ( I am pro Psilocybin legalization and respect ) He's a psychotherapist and professor, and major participant in the psychedelic revolution, being the author of many books pertaining to the subject. I personally am glad about the research because I see the good in these things, and understand their importance in society. I have discernment though when it comes to the false doctrine that has been tied into these cult followings involving some of these mushrooms and plants.

I just suggest practicing being able to read about stuff without turning into it. Paraphrased folk lore can turn into a life style can turn into a nightmare. Be careful and look at all sides of things. Read other books with the bible next to them, so you can compare notes and the symbolism in it. Research bible symbolism. A good place to start is my free online dream dictionary Seek Jah for guidance and wisdom, be free from evil. Don't let anyone brainwash you into praising the created rather than the creatOR. Understand the first two commandments{Exodus 20}, and their warning against idolatry and false god service and following. Don't waste your time with false gods, seek the Most High God

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The book in question: "Green Psychology: Transforming our Relationship to the Earth" As sold back in the day by Bouncing Bear Botanicals out of Lawrence Kansas.

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