This book broadly examines the shift between both human beings and nature. It's all about creating harmony between both the ecosystem and our minds. The modern world has led us away from a life-style that respects and embraces the Earth. The author Ralph Metzner will take you on a mind opening journey which explores the history of this global pathology, and ways that we can restore a vital relationship with the rest of nature. The author is a well known visionary ecopsychologist with a P.H.D.

The author and PHD Ralph Metzner has been exploring states of consciousness and other spiritually transforming practices for quite some time now. He helped found the Harvard Psilocybin Project in the year 1960. He's a psychotherapist and professor, and major participant in the psychedelic revolution, being the author of many books pertaining to the subject.

I hope that each one of you makes the decision to appreciate and defend the planet. The Earth and all of its life-giving systems operate within a natural law. This natural law can not be continuously broken or there will be devastating consequences for those actions. All systems of life on the planet are evidently dependent upon each other. We are all expressions of the biosphere, in its consistently operating evolutionary processes. All life on earth is built from, and operaters within the elements of which the earth is created, and the naturally occurring laws that govern its existence.

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