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Kava is consumed in Vanuatu, a string of islands in the pacific ocean. ALCOHOL IS ILLEGAL THERE and they drink KAVA instead. :) There are Kava bars in south Florida. Choose your suppliers wisely. ( no I don't sell it ) There is fake kava out there I believe that's being made in a factory in China ( it's actually some research chem b.s. ) This is why I prefer to buy whole kava root, becuase then you can see the root instead of just powder. It's not easy to powder the stuff on its own, would work best with a sledge hammer outside. Smash it like the natives do. Get you a big bucket. This stuff isn't too bad, it's a lot less intense than alcohol. Now, there is some FAKE kava out there that is DANGEROUS. If it gives you an intense narcotic high that causes diziness, this is the fake RC stuff.. ( That stuff is made in China, it's not root ) BUYER BE WARE! I hate that a few bad apples make the industry under heat and it gives the corrupt b.s. excuses to use as their narrative in their war against democracy. God has asked me to spread the word and so that I shall do. It's my mission to put out warnings out there against false doctrine and about stuff like what I just said with the fake kava. By the way there is a video on the page that I'm citing as a source for that. Use in moderation and abide in the shadow of the Almighty.

        This book is likely the most detailed guide ever written on what is considered one of God's most effective anxiety relieving and stress-reducing treats or "ethno-botanicals". It includes details on scholarly research that shows the superiority of Kava to pharmaceutical grade drugs used for reducing stress and anxiety. This great literature also covers the traditional "spiritual use" of this plant as well as the political, and economic importance of it. Aside from the intoxicating nature and pharmacology of Kava, there is even evidence suggesting that its effective for use in treating asthma, tuberculosis, and,, hold up... even ... venereal disease!! ?! .. [woah... you guys..] Do some more research on that last one [about the VD], and potentially consider being more picky with your hook ups, sayn? [*drum roll thud*]. ( i.e Don't drink all that vodka, save some for home-made tincture production fun. )

Studying ethnobotany ( the cultural use of plants ) has really helped me to understand the bible. I've found that Christians often view plants and herbalism as generally a "no no", but I believe this is due to the doctrine associated with the use of plants that turns them off. Guilty by association comes to mind, as Christians view the plants bad, because they view their users as sorcerers. The first two commandments are critical to understanding why such doctrine as Alchemy makes the plants tied to it accursed in that context ( because it has graven images, idolatry, and false God worship tied to it ). Let me share one of my favorite verese in the bible which illustrates the pathetic nature of idolatry and false god worship: Isaiah 44:17 “And the residue thereof he maketh a god, even his graven image: he falleth down unto it, and worshippeth it, and prayeth unto it, and saith, Deliver me; for thou art my god.” God is much bigger than anything created, and the bible says he is a Spirit, and those who worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth! St. John 4:24 KJV Having said all of that, this particular plant I don't find to be an abomination on its own when used properly. According to the expert in the video below, it is non toxic, and there is such a thing as fake kava, probably made in a research chemical factory in China somewhere.

It's one of my favorite intoxicating plants of all time. Many find it "very useful for meditation"(Note: The bible tells us to meditate on God's word, there are alternative meditation practices which are dangerous), and a "alternative to alcohol and xanax", or just for "relaxing after a hard days work". I find that using it on occasion prevents any sort of tolerance to the very pleasant effects that it offers. The root is very easy to prepare and is simply squeezed out into cold water as it was traditionally consumed by Vanuatu Islanders for centuries. To learn more about Kava visit my page on it by clicking here. This page is focused more on the book in question here. After all, this is a review. Don't expect a fairy tale story like the cover of the book depicts.. Expect science and a few first hand preparation methods and inside knowledge to enhance your experience with the root.

The first paperback copy of this guide was published by Yale University Press. This literature is is one word, thorough. The amount of academic research on Kava that's contained within its rich mass of exquisit text, is more than one could find on their own in a short term, much less even a more moderate term... So if you want rock solid citations, and big data that drug companies likely don't want you to discover, then this collection of pharmacological knowledge is a great stepping stone to help you see how nature is in fact a never ending pharmacy, working around the clock to serve and protect life under the biosphere. Note! Quality, potency, authenticity, and other factors vary depending on your source! It may even be fake! Color, moisture, texture all indicate quality or lack thereof! I don't say this to insult Kava or the creator, but to warn consumers so you are picky about your supplier. Real Kava doesn't produce ill effects Do NOT combine this with random drugs or pharmaceuticals without talking to your healthcare provider first The Holy Spirit has the gift of discernment, seek the holy spirit. 1 Corinthians 12 I personally want to ask everyone to buy from the entrapaneur which is independant and cares about their customer, rather than the big bully corporations. Consider the little guy, and remember whats happening with the oppression of small American businesses around our great land. Pray for our democracy Thanks for visiting my website everyone, and feel free to check out my shop @ ! (#_#) #kava

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