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Kratom in the morning to me, is godly. From my exprience, the combination of a dose of Kratom, with a cup of Coffee, and a cigarette to top it off, is like getting a 10,000 massage for your soul. the only difference is, it doesn't cost 10,000 dollars lol. Words can be used to express just how deeply moving it is to wake up this way. It's a shame that certain law makers even wanted to get rid of the stuff. I think the fact that so many Americans have stuck together to keep it legal says a lot about the herb itself, and us as a whole. Our culture welcomes the use of Kratom and other natural herbal supplements, whatever their cause.

We encourage the research and protection of this sacred staple. Getting back on topic though, ask any Kratom user about their morning routine and I am sure they will clue you in on their little secret. Just a spoon full in the morning for me gets me going all the way through to lunch, and I get up early too. There's no groggy feeling after dosing, and I'm ready to start my day. Essentially, every day that I wake up and powder down some Mitragyna speciosa, is like the best day of my life. It's not just the energy and clairy that I get, but the mood of pure holyness that permeats throughout my day from that one dosage.

A lot of people ask me, what's the best Kratom strain to take in the morning? To that I say, I can't really answer that question. It's a subjective experience and many people disagree as to which does what. I say, try them all and find which one you like. Note that for morning use, I prefer a white or red vein for energy, but as I've said, other colored veins such as Green or Yellow may suite you best. It's truly a trial and error experience but remember this is the start of your day and you don't want a downer strain unless you want to sleep in, which may be your objective. Either way, it's quite a rewarding experience.

Kratom is actually in the Coffee tree family so it makes sense that it would also be good in the morning. Supposedly it works with the adrenal system [ I'll include some citations on that comment via thank you very much :) ] so it makes sense that it could give you that nootropic glow first thing in the A.M. That's what I can best describe it as too, a "glow". You feel like you're one with the birds and the trees, and you just want to embrace that moment as you sit outside on your porch and enjoy the sunset. I tell ya, I don't dread going to work in the morning because of it either. It's like my daily rejuvination boost.

I want everyone to be aware about this push between polarities. The enemy wants to take over all our industries, including Kratom. Because of this, I want you to be very careful about who you buy from. In fact, get your kratom from Indonesia guys. Just look up "Kratom" and look for Indonesian people on social media and ask them. ALL KRATOM IN THE US COMES FROM INDONESIA, AND YOU YOURSELF CAN GET $50 KILO's STRAIGHT FROM THEM ALL DAY LONG EASILY! SELLERS THEY'RE EASY TO FIND AND ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA!! GO IN BUSINESS! FLOOD OUR STREETS WITH IT !!! Here let me pull one up for you real quick, : Saharun: +62 813-4775-2538 is his name, he's on Whatsapp he sells $50 kilo's free shipping. All Kratom in America comes from Indonesia where he lives. Spread the word! I tell you this because I want the small seller to survive, and I don't want these far right neo nazi bullies to take over this industry. I do believe they're networks of friends(groups) and such, other occult, and enemy groups ( luciferian in nature ), that want to dominate the world. Why? Remember those punks smashing in peoples small business windows? I'm seeing more masonic and occult imagery pop up with new kratom shops. This means their boys in police can gangstalk competition to interfere with their businesses. Remember 9/11? world trade center towers were financial headquarters for the world. They're attacking our finances as a country and a planet.

Fortunately they are loosing, and have come up with this tactic that when they can't win, they repeat the same threats anyway. With Alex jones being brought to justice recently, and the FBI raiding Donald trumps house, and the neo nazi rings in florida are being monitored, I reported one to the feds myself (#_#) it's only a matter of time before we get them all. They use fear to try to manipulate you into giving up your American nature and ambitions; for example, how the FDA keeps acting like they can ban kratom when they can't. Or how the nazi's only got 1% of our police militarized and we're already undoing it. lol Despite the fact that this is well established and Activist have won every single battle sense the beginning, they continue to play boss. God's in charge, and we're certainly above them in everyway. Keep rockin it team righteousness. Everything I do now is to expose the enemy and influence minds for the better. I got enemy propoghanda to expose, and whistles to blow.

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