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Hello and welcome back to Botanical Guides. I've decided to really crack down and focus on writing informative Kratom articles for several reasons. The first reason is to make sure that more and more people know about this herb. My hopes are that this will help negate potential future situations where prohibition may be a threat. In such an instance, I would like to see the resistance against diabolical law proposals become be even more futile.

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In this article I will talk about several constituents produced by kratom that I have yet to discuss on this website. In my opinion these chemicals are not as well known by the mainstream as they should be. They are rhynchophylline, mitraphylline, and Corynantheidine. These constituents are all found in the stems and veins which too many people write off as useless. Rhynchophylline specifically is chemically related to Mitragynine. It behaves as a NMDA receptor antagonists. This basically means it behaves like an anesthetic.

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Its potential as a pain reliever is most certainly not the only benefit that the plant offers. It is rumored that constituents in the stem and leaf help to prevent and even reverse tolerance. Don't assume everything that you hear is b.s. though. There is an alarming amount of academic information on this fantastic plant. That hasn't stopped some propagandist from spreading lies like 'we don't yet know enough about kratom to allow it'. For those of you who are growing your own, please remember that no part of this tree should be discarded.

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Corynantheidine specifically has effects on serotonin receptors. Sense serotonin plays a role in sleep and mood it should be obvious how this contributes to its psychoactive effects. Rhynchophylline is also a very potent immune system stimulant. I think everyone should know this because you don't always hear people mentioning its potential to boost the immune system. The truth is people are finding more and more uses for it. From my experiences, Kratom defiantly a must have for dealing with something like the flu. I think it's fair to say the science would tend to agree..

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As further proof that the scholarly world has taken an interest in Kratom for so time now, I want to mention a public database called Pubchem. Here is a link: Pubchem is a public and academic resource that contains astronomical proportions of information on various phytochemicals produced and found in nature. Take a moment to notice that this resource ends in a .gov domain. The same government who owns and operates the (DEA) who was out to get this herb not too long ago..

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How can certain authoritative or corporate entities claim that there's no evidence behind something when its public information to not only students around the world but anyone with Internet access? I suppose they are depending on people who don't know about such databases and just believe what the liars have to say to win this battle. The only way to win this battle, this battle on good, logical, intelligent, empathetic people, and live-styles, is to peacefully ,logically, and intelligently dismantle a web of lie's that are as malicious as they are foolish. That's what we all need to and are going to do. Information and unity are our keys to victory.

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Mitragyna alkaloids: the structure of stipulatine (ScienceDirect) |

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