Items are not to be confused with "designer drugs" like "herbal blends", or "k2", "spice", or "bath-salts". These products are organic and 100% chemical free. Statements on this page nor any herbs mentioned have been evaluated or approved by the FDA.

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Warning: The FDA has taken a new diabolical and calculated approach to banning kratom via a propoghanda campaign. They are going state to state trying to influence local politicians because their people hold a patent on new opioid drugs made from Mitragyna speciosa. Please support the American Kratom Association by signing petitions(read them thoroughly first and THINK), getting involved, and donating. They have defeated the FDA and DEA for as long as anyone can remember. Please do your part as citizens of this great planet and share my work and stand up for your freedoms! Be aware of sneaky agendas to limit the potency of Kratom, rendering 99% of it illegal in the us! Join the American Kratom Association so you can make sure that this doesn't happen. Avoid falling for political traps, as our country is in fact under attack by the far right. Updated: As of 2022 they are bowing down to and serving the w.h.o. in their question to dominate the plant by fascist means in forcing serpent medical upon us all. They have a plan to ban all plant based supplements ( to ban the seed bearing herbs all together ) Psalm 91:1 NASB by Zondervan "He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High God will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.". Turn to him for deliverance, not Satan's 911.

       Kratom is a very popular tree that's used medicinally and recreationally from regions of south east Asia that people everywhere LOVE. It has pharmaceutical properties ( medicinal qualities ). It's not like "designer drugs" because it's not laced with anything. It's related to Coffee, only with a catch.. no caffeine.. Instead, it naturally produces a series of opioid-like/adrenal stimulant-like phytochemicals that drug companies have already made pills out of and hold patents on. I wrote an article on this and cited a CNBC blog as a reference a while back. Please see my citations to verify this information is in fact legit. It also has stimulant properties. Some God-haters want to ban it, because it proves to people what serpent medical is doing by ripping off God's design, telling us all that the seed bearing herbs are bad, while making synthetic second commandment violations in the likeness of that which the Ancient Of Days has already created for us. God made medicine.

Maeng Da is an Asian street slang term which can be thought of as the equivalent to "dank" ( awesome quality ) (in reference to slang-names describing high quality Cannabis).. It basically means "really good quality", or "the best of the best". Some argue that it's a specific strain.. Kratom-heads will often get in heated debates over this, much like stones over stoner things. As previously pointed out though, the phrase itself can be applied to any high quality variety. So technically, any really good hybrid or high potency plant, is worthy of this title. Other strains can be found in South East Asia. They are typically named after the origin ( where the tree was harvested ) and after the color of the veins of those leaves during harvest. Some goofs here in the USA have occasionally given them goofy names like "OG BALI", causing confusion to customers who fear it may be related to 'designer drugs'. Fear not though, it's completely natural and harmless. Just avoid wierd products that are not the actual powder, like extracts or any type of liquid that has wierd ingredients listed on the bottle... There's a different between pharmaceutical kratom and God's leaf... I personally want to Thank God so much for protecting Americans from the fascist who wanted to ban this stuff and come rob us of our freedom and seed bearing herb. I want Americans to wake up to the satanic agenda at work in our country today, and obey the Lord and call upon him with prayer and THANK AND PRAISE HIM.

I've spent a lot of time small talking with actual farmers over in Asia. They give me inside information. I can tell you that the vein colors effect the phytochemical makeup of the plant. It's sort of like when you harvest Marijana at different times, you get variations in the cannabinoid content. The same concept goes with Mitragyna speciosa. So the names are basically where it's harvested / vein color. Taste is taste, and people argue about this all day long. Don't knock other varieties until you try them though. Personally, I like to rotate my strain of choice, and even combine them at times. Try it, you'll be impressed! One thing I've noticed is that darker colored product tends to be more stimulant in nature, where brighter leans more towards sedative. One can harvest the leaves when they are yellow, dried(they turn red/brown), or when they're bright and clean green. One thing I want to point out to growers is you need to understand the difference between hybrids(natural, the way God intended), and genetically modified organism ( which is very dangerous where scientist alter genes in an unnatural way in a lab ) {God does not like this Monsanto}. You also need to understand that plants can only do so much with enough nutrients, and anything over that will just result in nasty and harsh product(harvest). It's actually better to dilute dirt(soil) that's too rich with some white sand. ( use 12-15% sand ) and only water with rain water. Use organic soil, preferably natural soil, but if you're going to buy I reccomend Fox Farms Organic Potting Soil.


Let me start this paragraph off bibilically by sharing what the bible says about moderation, and offer a biblical explanation for why tolerance develops in the first place. Jeremiah 46:11 "Go up into Gilead, and take balm, O virgin, the daugter of Egypt: In vain shalt thou use many medicines, for thou shalt not be cured." Dosage Information Is For Harm Reduction & Education Only. This information is based on my sole experiences alone. Know that the potency of this product can vary dramatically from vendor to vendor. It can really prevent a lot of wasted herb and negative effects to simply tell you all the truth. This is all based on what I have learned over the years in the way of personal experience. You always want to start low, because once you take too much, all you can do is wait. One gram probably isn't enough for someone who uses it every single day, but maybe you should start that low if it's your first time. For people with a higher tolerance to opiates in general, read more below. Note: Kratom is not a true opiate. I'd say 1-4(MAX!) grams is enough, and if it takes you more than 4, you're a kratom head and take too much of it. I don't suggest using extracts and liquid forms of kratom. I also suggest avoiding anything with the word "nano" on it, and watch out for wierd symbols like triangles with eyes in them and other occult symbolism on packaging and brands that sell them are to be avoided, please avoid them and allow the bible to explain why. Exodus 20, the second commandment warns of occult symbols, called "graven images" Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image; See "sigil" on wikipedia to understand why this is dangerous.

               It works best when taken orally with a spoon ( 1/4-1/2 of a small spoonful, once or twice = 1 dose) or, in the form of a tincture or an acidified tea. The ratio for mixing the alcohol with the leaf should be around 4 grams of plant matter per one large shot of liquor. An oral dose of Maeng Da is from 1-4 grams maximum. Never exceed a 4 gram dosage. No one, should ever need over 4 grams per dose. In fact, anything over 8 grams in a day is excessive, however; everyone reacts differently so that's the point. A "00" capsule will hold a G. Capsules take longer to kick in, but are a great way to measure out specific dosages. The quality of Kratom can be indicated by the texture, the color, and how it behaves and looks when you dig around in it. If it clumps, that's a good sign. It shoulnd't be grainy or sandy ( thick and dry looking ), but more chalky, and clumpy even. A nice bright color means fire, some red and white though will naturally not be greed, but should still have a brighter appearance ( should be rich in color ).

A good white vein or true "red vein" Maeng Da has a distinctive energy to it that is closely related to that of classic "uppers". Some claim that true MD Leaves are distinct in their appearance from other strains, sporting more of a serrated edge rather than a flat edge. It could be that some product is not even true speciosa! Some claim the good stuff to be the original variety of Malaysia, and its genetics were imported from there to other regions of the world. This makes sense because I love me some Malaysian Kratom! Indonesia has some bomb stuff too. It's finely converted into a powder and compressed by the suppliers there so that it packs the most punch for your buck and is easier to transport around the world. If you have some kratom houseplants then you can experiment around with harvesting the leaves at different times to see how the effects differ. It will also result in a different color of the final product. Try curing your Kratom leaves like people cure their cannabis, in glass jars, and then open the top every day or every other day for 30 minutes or so. It gets rid of the bad taste, the chlorophyl taste, that excessive nitrogen taste.. The flavor slowly improves, and the potency during the curing process.

The Science

         Medicinally, this plant behaves like Morphine, being an opioid receptor agonist. The FDA told a compnay out in California one time that it was "like morphine" and forced them ( somehow ) to take it off the shelves. They told me this ( the vendor ) I will not mention their name to protect their identity. Kratom has been used in the management of chronic pain by herbalist. Some say it does not show up on drug test because it's not the same pharmacologically as opiates. Others claim it can cause false positives. People i've known who uses drug test claim it doesn't test positive but you should use caution anyway. For anyone who isn't tested, they can test this theirself with a home drug-test. Much research has been conducted on the chemistry of this plant, especially by Claud rifat.. Phytochemist have isolated around 40 valuable compounds from the plant. The plant is literally a pharmacological gold mine. The government knows this and selfishly wants to discredit it, its people, and get rid of it. It's very upsetting and unsettling but we are winning. Use ( Google Scholar ) to: pull up academic journals on this subject of Kratom. Then we can spread scientific truth about the benefits and medicinal qualities of Kratom and use citations to back it up, it will really tick them off. They hate this more than anything, and if people could just be more scholarly and citation friendly in their blogging, we could really stick it to the medical tyrants. There's a difference between health care and medical genocide.

Stay involved though, because there are sneaky agendas out there to try to limit the potency of Kratom. This is really just a way to make it illegal without saying so, that way they can avoid panic of the public and prevent us from stopping them. If you're an activist please JOIN the American Kratom Association and make sure they DON'T limit the potency of Kratom, so it can stay legal. If you were to limit the Mitragynine content of Mitragyna speciosa plant material, it woulnd't be any good. Why do people have to ruin everything? We gotta stop this far right problem. Exercise your freedom and maintain democracy, freedom, and free enterprise. We don't want every market controlled like the communist Chinese party does. This is AMERICA Fight for your country, legally and peacefully. Socially gather. There are hundreds of social media platforms, and more popping up today than ever before. There's no reason to settle for a place that won't let you have unrestricted communication. It's crazy that I even feel I have to call it that in order to not be, well you know... If you like my work, please share it! See the rest of this page below, there are many cool links at the bottom, and links to other blogs, citations, resources, references, and links to all of my social media platforms. This is not a shop, it is a blog.

This is NOT a shop.

I want everyone to be aware about this push between polarities. The enemy wants to take over all our industries, including Kratom. Because of this, I want you to be very careful about who you buy from. In fact, get your kratom from Indonesia guys. Just look up "Kratom" and look for Indonesian people on social media and ask them. ALL KRATOM IN THE US COMES FROM INDONESIA, AND YOU YOURSELF CAN GET $50 KILO's STRAIGHT FROM THEM ALL DAY LONG EASILY! SELLERS THEY'RE EASY TO FIND AND ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA!! GO IN BUSINESS! FLOOD OUR STREETS WITH IT !!! Here let me pull one up for you real quick, : Saharun: +62 813-4775-2538 is his name, he's on Whatsapp he sells $50 kilo's free shipping. All Kratom in America comes from Indonesia where he lives. Spread the word! His Facebook is "Meli Yani" make sure the phone numbers start with +62 to know for sure it's really him (it's their country code) I tell you this because I want the small seller to survive, and I don't want these far right neo nazi bullies to take over this industry or any other so I encourage you to spread the word. It is legal, and we need to spread it across our great nation. They're networks of free masons and such, other occult, and enemy groups ( luciferian in nature ), that want to dominate the world. Fortunately they are loosing, and have come up with this tactic that when they can't win, they repeat the same threats anyway. For example, how the FDA keeps acting like they can ban kratom when they can't. Despite the fact that this is well established and Activist have won every single battle sense the beginning, they continue to play boss. God's in charge, and we're certainly above them in everyway. Keep rockin it team righteousness. Avoid shops that have occult symbolism, weird graven images as logos.

This is NOT a shop.
This is a BLOG

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