Kratom Is Essential To Our Cultural Paradigm

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Human beings have adopted alcohol as a legal vice to unwind, party, or to use as a social lubricant. It's not so much this way because of a majority vote though. The authorities have made this decision for us and too many blindly believe that it's the way we all feel. Unfortunately for many, alcohol is nothing more than a poison, addiction, or "stupid juice". The truth is our bodies come equipped with a variety of receptors designed to pick up on both endogenous and external phytochemicals found in the plant kingdom. We have opioid receptors, and Cannabinoid receptors, and more. Sadly, the drugs made by man which plug into these biological systems within our bodies can have lethal and devastating results.

I think it's fairly obvious how plants differ from synthetics. Here are a few examples never the less. Heroin and morphine are all well know to cause social problems, theft, addiction, and hellish withdrawal symptoms. They are mostly agreed to be a menace to our society. On the other hand Kratom, brought to you by nature, hasn't demonstrated these qualities to the people who have encountered its benefits. I think it's safe to say you can pretty much trust a kratom-head, given they don't have other substance abuse problems or sociopathic tendencies, which are not induced by the substance itself.

Another example is spice. Spice is designed to mimic Cannabis but with sad and devastating results. Cannabis on the other hand, does not send people to the E.R. and cause an epidemic's worth of overdoses and deaths, or any deaths for that matter. So my point here is that when we stray away from the natural version of substances we see problems. Law makers are not helping. They are essentially making it harder for people to get safe substances, and as a result more people turn to the drugs which cause them and others harm. The nonsensical prohibition and political war on the relationship between people and their plant friends needs to come to an end.

I believe Kratom is essential to our society not just because our biological circuitry is built to utilize its properties, but because it's also known to us that it can bring us a stable mood, and give us a better perspective on things in life. It can offer us contentedness, gratitude, and relieve our pain in a way that doesn't leave us with guilt, and terrible side effects. Best of all, anyone can grow it and have it for the rest of their life. This means that in a world which embraces the use of natural medicines from a international health-care system perspective, we can all benefit from a free life time supply of whatever herbs we chose to use.

The vice of money has consumed so many people that some are actually taking a turn towards psychopathy. They are essentially letting go of their empathy and allowing money to corrupt their mind. Their neurological pathways are leaning more and more towards obsession over that dirty green stuff we call money. As a result, those who hold positions of power in this world have allowed money to make the lives of the masses a little more difficult, so that they could live a little better. Are they really living better though, or are they just as much a victim of their actions as the rest of us in society?

I suppose the question is how much more of this will people take. We have the birth right, and constitutional right to amend corrupt laws out of existence. There seems to be a move now to band psychopaths from government, politics, and law enforcement. I've found a petition on google and I'm making a mission out of circulating it. Just do a quick search for "ban psychopaths politics, law enforcement". Please share this article if you believe we can make a difference, and let's begin the journey on a new path for our entire society. Natural herbs make life better, because we are meant to have them. It's what they do.May our future not be dictated by currency, but by the best interest of all life on planet earth.

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