Today more than ever, seedless Marijuana is in high demand. There are many reasons though for modern growers and consumers to consider growing, selling, and using seeded varieties too. With such dangers as illegal government raids, and Monsanto's GMO ( Genetically Engineered Organisms ), a bag full of seeds isn't sounding like such a bad idea. Why does everything have to be about the capitalism anyway? Preservation of non-gmo or heirloom genetics is worth far more than being excessively over-protective of ones profits. Remember hybrids and gmo's are not the same, as one is a natural process of reproduction and the other is done in a laboratory. If you run a shop, offer people things that they can't find everywhere else. Give that rare stoner that doesn't follow trends an option in your shop, and stock true variety, seeded and sensimelia.

Aside from the preservation of organic genetics, we should put ourselves in the cannabis plants shoes. Sinsemilla is basically female plants which are deprived from males. They are not allowed to make love and reproduce. An entire life without being around the opposite sex or being allowed to have sex must be quite a stressful time right? Removing males is simply an unnatural process. Like many other statements in life, people hear "remove the males" and run with it. They fail to give it any additional thought. If people can get a satisfying high off of Delta-8-THC, a lesser potent form of THC, then why does THC percentages between 7-15% scare them so much? I personally would prefer Cannabis with a 7-15% THC percentage. Society needs to become more giving and less greedy. Doing away with seeds is a way to maximize profit and make bud more potent when it is simply not necessary. Everyone should be able to grow Cannabis at home, and finding a seed in your bag is a blessing, not a curse. Stop complaining when you have it made! As it turns out, Cannabis seeds are very healthy in terms of food! A lot of people are unaware of the phytochemical benefits of Cannabis pollen, roots, leaves, stems, etc.

I truly believe us modern stoner's are spoiled with astronomically potent buds. A bag of pot with a few seeds in it can still produce an adequate high. Just because it has seeds doesn't mean the herb is going to be low quality either. It will still have the aroma, taste, and desired effects. The truth is that most of us consume far more Cannabis than we need to in order to obtain a satisfactory high. We forget about tolerance, and we forget to consider the level of intoxication we obtained the first time we ever consumed our majestic herb. The lower your tolerance, the more intense the high. Extreme un-natural percentages of THC and other cannabinoids in the plant material is not "vital" as people have been taught.

Finally, another great reason seeded pot isn't such a bad idea is that it provides the buyer with seeds to grow more. I know this sounds like the capitalist worst nightmare but how many of you enjoyed buying from greedy dirt bags on the street who treated you with disdain in the past because you didn't have as much money for them as they wanted? If a supplier can do something as kind as give away seeds, that's the kind of supplier the people want. We also need to consider how the plant feels. Reach out with your empathy and consider the fact that a happy bush is a kinder bush.

Remember back in the day when people used to complain about seeds in their bag of brick weed from Mexico? What we were really complaining about is a ton of more free smoke.. Could you imagine someone complaining because they have way too much herb lying around the house? Remember that one seed can wind up being ounces if not pounds of Cannabis. Just because everyone else complains about seeds doesn't mean it's an accurate perception on the matter. Consider shifting your perspective on this one. I hope to see some dispensaries influenced by my words here today. Remember we want equality, and with it comes the freedom to grow at home, without paying anyone a dime or needing any permission.

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