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Acorus calamus Sweet Flag

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acorus calamus sweetflag
Acorus Calamus (Sweet Flag, calamus)

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Psychoactive Plants. Sweet.

                 This entheogen offers both medicinal applications and evolutionary effects on consciousness. Acoros Calamus, as it's scientifically refered to as, was used among Native American tribes. The Cree say that they can use Calamus root and "travel great distances without touching the ground." This is a fascinating statement Indeed. I'm pretty sure this is a reference to Astral Projection. Think about it, "great distances without touching the ground".

This history of use, combined with modern phytochemical research of Sweetflag, indicates that it is in fact a psychoactive sacrament. The point is that sometimes more than a simple tea is needed, or a certain preparation trick is needed to enable an active experience. This is also the case when using as a physical medicine, to treat general physical illness, rather than strictly an entheogen for gaining other realms of conscious enlightenment. Despite the doubts of others, one can discover truths unknown by the mainstream with the simple will to do so.

In tame doses, the root was commonly used as a stimulant to combat fatigue while larger quantities were thought to induce visions. Sweetflag is also said to eliminate fear, and stimulate courage. The entheogen also has a quite historic reputation as a medicine. The roots are the prized part of the plant and seem to be useful when dealing with infections. The roots and leaves can be used in the production of teas, tinctures, and elixirs.

Other Common Names: Sweet Flag, Sweet Sedge, Sweet Root, Myrtle Grass, Sweet grass, Wild iris, Sweet Cane, Sweet Rush

Sweetflag plants have been used as medicine by all walks of life for centuries. The plant has a history of use in various Siddha and Ayuevedic medicines, and has the reputation in modern herbal medicine as a sedative, laxative, diuretic, and carminative. Psychedelic effects are thought to be caused from the phytoehcmiacls alpha-asarone, or beta-asarone. There are other alkaloids in the plant however.


                 In alternative medicine, dosage is everything and almost always very small ammounts. If you are using medicine that was made over a span of weeks, then your medicine should more concencrated, thus less is needed. Excess amounts may have adverse effects. Using these psychoactive elixirs made from plants is an art that requires precise and delicate administration and use.

Capturing the medicine.

This is just what I did! Don't try this at home!

                 Get two glass mason jars and fill each one with the same ammount of Calamus root, ground up using a blender if it's not already in powdered form. Now pour fluoride free water in one of the jars, using twice as much water as root. Now fill the other glass mason jar with alcohol of a high proof like everclear. Again, use twice as much alcohol as root material.

Now let the one filled with water sit in a window seal over the span of 1-4 weeks. Leave the alcohol filled jar in a cool dark place for 1-4 weeks. This is because certain phytochemicals can be destroyed by light, or even heat. Now filter out the root material and keep what's left. This 1-4 week time span is a minumum requirement if you want a product that's descent in its concentration. Remember in alternative medicine, it's better to use smaller doses than large doses.

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Calamus root is one valuable plant with many uses that range from internal healing, to topical, to its spiritual (use as an entheogen ). Aside from the fact that phytochemist have isolated and studied these compounds, I think it's safe to say there is an active constituent found within the root. It's often argued whether or not these constituents have any psychoactive effect or not, yet the historic documentation of Calamus use states otherwise. I decided to personally test this idea that Calamus was at all psychoactive. I was very impressed with the fresh root. I decided to try some fresh root out and see what happened.

My Psychoactive Calamus Experience

                 After waiting patiently for 6 weeks, I was ready to try some Calamus oil that I captured myself after obtaining fresh roots. I chose fresh roots because they have a much higher oil content than dried roots. I have often discovered through reading that the psychoactive properties of the Calamus plant should mostly exist in the essential oils of the plant. After consuming an undisclosed amount of potent, dark, extremely bitter calamus root oil I decided to go for a walk while waiting on the effects to set in, if any.

Finally, I was feeling euphoric at around 20 minutes in to the experience. Walking down my street I felt a warmth of Chi begin to fill my entire being. An over-whelming sense of well-being had came over my senses, and I began to feel like a young child. I remember looking over at a sand-storm.. those little minuature tornado-like whirl-winds that happen from time to time... I ran into this sand-storm, and it was the coolest thing ever. I was embracing the oxygen, breathing it deep into my lungs and holding on to its fresh, crisp taste. I could feel it nourish my body, and mind, like an empty stomach thirsting for water in the heat of the desert. This Sweetflag is, sweeet..

Schulz Law

                 It's rumored that Calamus contains toxic compounds in high enough dosages. Just to let you know, high enough of a dosages of Aspirin, or common Vitamins can be toxic also. Also, you may not be aware of a medical law known as Schultz law. This medical law states that any poison, in a dilute enough amount has the opposite effect, becoming a medicine or having medical value. Some prime examples of this are anti-biotic medications.

I have been consuming and studying herbal medications for quite some time and find Calamus to be a safe medicine when used in time of need, and in sufficient dosage. I do not doubt that prolonged exposure to Calamus can have adverse effects. I do however, believe that modern dosage of this medication when used in times of need can be beneficial. These statements are based off of my own personal observations and research.

Point being: According to my research, and the medical law known as "schultz law", dosage effects whether or not a chemical is a medicine or poison.

Precautions: The entheogenic effects of sweetflag oil are not to be taken lightly. A careful, planned dosage should be administered if one does decides to use it as either a medicine or psychoactive plant. An overdose can cause detrametal effects that typically detur users from trying again. Always consider interactions, side effects, and precautionary measures. Consult your healthcare provider before use.

Growing Acorus ( Sweet Flag )

As a grower, it's good to konw that these live sweet flag ( acorus calamus ) plants thrive in wet, tropical climates. A simple, cheap , and effective greenhouse is completely ideal for the growth and reproduction of these psychoactive gems.

Final Note

One thing you learn from Acorus Sweetflag, and other psychoactive plants like this one that act as a form of spiritual medicine is to relax, and live life like a child. That is to be care free, happy, and maybe lying somewhere in the grass.. It's sort of like a natural process of re-attunment, crafted by reality. The application of the process began eons ago. Aside from the entheogenic teachings of sweetflag, and its history as a medicine and psychoactive plant used by native americans and other cultures, it also does what all other plants do for us, it gives back by producing oxygen.

Like many other entheogen type plants, the root of this little known entheogenic plant ( sweet flag ) have even been added to the majestic and mysterious brew known as Absinthe. This is a green flag I say that, like many others before it, Acorus C. Sweet Flag, could be a key ingredient in any neo-shamans infusions for healing power.

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Calamus plants have psychoactive properties and others that make it useful as a medicine - sweet acorus flag root is even mentioned in the bible. sweetflag has a history as an entheogenic sacrament, also known as an entheogen.

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