Last night I had a dream that I should write new articles instead of solely focusing on tweaking and optimizing my old pages. It's been a minute sense I released a page on a new botanical so here goes. This plant is commonly known by the name of Annatto seed, and scientifically Bixa orellana. If you want to skip this content and just make a purchase, you can buy annatto seed here. One thing I've noticed over the years of doing research, is it's often the case that certain plants produce a unique phytochemical which is given a name derived from its scientific name. When it comes to this species, we can identify two such chemicals, one being bixin and the other norbixin. Both have a unique structure as can be seen from a diagram via any scholarly journal. You can easily tell which product is potent by its color, as a higher concentration of these phytochemical constituents results in a more vibrant color. All of the phytochemical studies out there seem to back up the notion of intelligent design rather than take away from them. Just because scientist won't admit to it, doesn't mean it's not there. For human arrogance is blind, and only see's what it wants to see.

I became very interested in this stuff when I first discovered its culinary applications. Food from around the world has always been an interest in mine. So what is the culinary applications of this spicey and vibrant powdered seed? Well, in different parts of the world it's used in different types of cheeses! Most commonly, the spice is used in cuisines from Latin American, Vietnam, Jamaica, and also Mexico. Most Americans love Mexican food so you may be interested in learning how to cook with it. It's often added to meat, including fish and poultry.[1] I find it useful to add a spicey flavor to any type of meat. It was interesting to find out that an extract from a seed is used in Cheese, who knew? Aside from this, the phytochemicals they produce are of major importance to industry and big business. God made all of this, and corporations make big profits off of it, so there's no desire for them to want you to know about it, rather to keep this hush.

Let's talk a little about the science behind its medicinal value, and what it is believed to be beneficial for as an herbal supplement. First of all, I want to point out that there is in fact science behind natural remedies and supplements. A field of chemistry known as "phytochemistry", peers beneath the surface of these natural wonders to identify pharmacological chemicals present within the organic plant material. While scientist don't seem to want to admit it, the fact is it appears this was programmed into the plants DNA/RNA, which indicates God ( and the bible clearly states that God isn't a physical dude, rather a spirit. John 4:24 "God is a spirit and those who worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." This indicates a masculine creative spirit. There's more in Annatto seed than just the two main principles I mentioned earlier, bixin and norbixin. These phytochemicals typically have quite a list of pharmacological activities which they produce. With this in mind, it's shocking that folks still mindlessly repeat the mantra that "There's no scientific evidence to support that". It's simply not true. One of the main reasons behind this website is to make this fact well known. As Simon Powell once put it, "There is often a hierarchical priesthood that polices and force-feeds a dogmatic view of reality." Science in its way is becoming a huge part of the far right agenda

One such property of this stuff is Anti-microbial.[2] That's right, extracts of the seed have been scientifically verified to posess Anti-microbial properties. I include academic resources and others in my reference section at the very bottom of every page. This isn't the only plant that's capable of such an astonishing feat. I believe it's this potential that herbalist use to their advantage. By understanding and utilizing academic resources, one can establish a solid grasp of what different herbs do. This isn't where the art of creating herbal blends and infusions came from though, as in the Bible are stories of such, and one where God himself tells Moses about how to make a holy anointing oil. This story is found in Exodus 30:22-33 Depending on the solubility of the desired substances within each botanical, one can create a "medicine" by either using alcohol, or water. Both of these common solvents are capable of absorbing different chemical constituents, be they polar, or non-polar. So know we can proven beyond any doubt that herbalism is not based on nothing but placebo mind-set and folk lore, there is scienceitific inquiry into its effective nature. There is much more medicinal potential to thise plant according to the research. I suggest to anyone to look further into its applications and science. Thanks for stopping by! Check out the rest of the page below as there is more.

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