African Dream Herb (Entada rheedii)
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African Dream Herb is used in Africa to induce prophetic, vivid, and even lucid dreams. It's a shamanic talisman.

Beating Cancer With Nutrition Book

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Beating Cancer With Nutrition - Patrick & Noreen Quillin Ph.D, R.D., CNS

           Everything that you put into your body effects you. From the food additives in todays corporate processed "foods", to the air you breath and the water that you drink, you are all of these things. This book includes valuable information that can change your life. If you want to feel better, and dramatically decrease your risk of getting cancer and other debilitating conditions and diseases this book is for you.

This book offers facts found through scientific studies, charts with statistics, herbal supplement guides, and a comprehensive new outlook on health in general. It will teach you that what you eat, think, feel, and live by effects you on all levels. It even includes recipes. This is a book worthy of taking notes on. The facts and suggestions are based on sound scientific research. Many of the worlds most famous doctors are mentioned.

Beating Cancer With Nutrition contains thorough guides. It talks about different herbs used for treating cancer and the scientific phytochemical understanding of their compounds and alkaloids. The scientific facts regarding processed foods, sugars, etc, will blow your mind. The comprehensive facts are enough to inspire just about anyone to seek out health and wellness.

One thing that's often over-looked when dealing with healing is human emotions. The Beating Cacner With Nutrition book will also point out the toxcicity of certain emotions on human beings biological circuitry. Avoiding these toxic feelings are critical in the process of healing. All of these pointers work together in harmony to bring you the best possible results in your practices.

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