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Image by: Phytoextractum

Inonotus obliquus (Chaga) Mushrooms Compared To Others

Mushrooms are one of the most taken for granted medicines on the planet I think. They have proven to be unique life form with profound scientific observations boosting their already innate attractiveness. Their interactions with our biology and psychology are no less fascinating than the microscopic intelligence at play which indeed leads to the fruition of mushroom specimens.We refer to these microscopic entities as "spores".

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Inonotus obliguus or Chaga mushrooms, are one of the most popular varieties I think, when it comes to this type of food or medicine. I wouldn't advise following trends just because though, or getting stuck on one strain. There are a lot of mushrooms out there. It doesn't appear that there has been as much research on them as many of the others. There are however; a number of academic resources available on the Internet regarding this variety. Google has installed a scholarly search feature on its search engine which can help you see the scientific facts for yourself. Google, "Inonotus obliguus scholarly", and notice the top section.

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Historically and in terms of research to back them up, mushrooms are champions I think, when it comes to holding a dense concentration of medical potential on both a physiological and psychological level. It's deep break through I think. They are crafted from entire colonies of intelligence. Spores live sort of like ants in a colony only they fulfill their very own unique life's purpose.

There are a lot of claims regarding Chaga mushrooms. The good thing to know is that there have been some studies and you can find them. It is widely stated that they contain Betulinic Acid which fights cancer cells. They are believed to stimulate the immune system and calm the nervous system. So in essence, it sounds like they behave like the opposite of Caffeine, allowing the body to rest and boost its defenses. If its as chalked full of beneficial alkaloids as other mushrooms then this should be a great cherry on the pie.

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