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Properties/Lore: "love charm", religious:"purification", meditation, scientific: medicinal[active phytochemicals] (tooth aches, tumors, arthritis, the common cold, cough, and inflammatory conditions, calm anxiety).

       Scientific research has identified multiple pharmacological phytochemicals present in Copal. I realize that's a bold statement so I want to remind everyone I cite academic sources down in the references section towards the bottom of this website. Throughout history it's been used by different cultures by herbalists traditons for: tooth aches, tumors, arthritis, the common cold, cough, and inflammatory conditions. Please note that these are not to be taken as medical claims or "cures". It's important to understand as well that certain resins like Camphor for example can be lethal in sufficient dosages. It doesn't mean there's anything to be afraid of. It just means use caution and do research before even considering use. Consult a health care provider before first!

It's suggested by herbal practitioners to use its oils topically, which allows it to soak into the skin. A careful and extremely moderate dose is adminsitated by traditional healers internally in the form of tea for some ailments. Be very careful about consuming too much of anything herbal because while most are not lethal some are in sufficient dosages. It's believed to modulate the bodies response to irritationg because of the research done on the beta-caryophllene it produces. This would explain why it's been used for "cleansing" and meditation throughout history. It's great to burn outside on a patio during a warm spring day. Its scent sure does make me feel good. Sometimes I evern burn it on the porch and leave the doors open. Be careful using it indoors.. I highly advise against that!

Copal resin is a thick, lustrous resin, the most desirable of which originates from Mexico. These natural resin-based incense made from Copal resin gives off a hypnotic and very pleasing fragrance when burned. The Aztecs and Mayans both burned copal resins at the tops of their pyramids. This indicates some sort of spiritual potential I think.. It sounds like a mystic special when you do the research... The resin is placed on a hot-burning charcoal tablet outdoors only, when used. The scent is most commonly described as earthy(organic), woody and a bit spicy. It looks just like frankincense and is said to be a great alternative to it. Some friends of mine from Mexico who were raised by a shaman there said their parents used it all the time.

There is something rather fascinating about the connection between scents like Copal and the human mind. They are invisible to the naked eye, yet our minds can still detect their presence. Our sense of smell is closely linked with memory, and more so than any other sense. Throughout history, more "primitive" cultures have been known to utilize their senses to enhance their cognitive abilities. From a primitive perspective ( Native American or Shaman ), these fragrances can be used to program your subconscious and unconscious mind. This can be useful for incubating dreams and other psychological work, such as studying, or trying to correct a bad habit.

By creating a meaning or symbol for the aroma, you are helping to create, and more effectively wire neuropathways into the mind. This is a more thorough approach than simply reminding yourself, or writing something down. Utilizing all of your senses can greatly increase your success rate. This was even taught to us in school. At any rate, I digress into a lore based ramble. I can tell you it's used to this day in Sacred Mushroom ceremonies by peoples in Mexico and Central America. In ethnobotany and ethnopharmacology, Copal is very significant... Check out this PDF supplied by, titled "Psychedelic Resource List" It's a big deal and hardly anyone knows about its potential.

Aromatic scents like Copal can catch our attention rather quickly, lift our spirits, and remind us of things. This alone to me obvious evidence that aromatherapy is rather effective. I highly suggest learning more about aromatherapy and its benefits. Aside from what i've already mentioned, these resins contain valuable phytochemical constituents, each of which demonstrates their own medicinal and/or psychoactive qualities. How do we know they have medicinal value? A branch of chemistry known as phytochemistry is dedicated to this type of research. So the next time someone says there is no scientific inquiry into the healing potential of plants and aromatics, correct them. Remember, herbalism may seem like there's nothing to back it up, but in Germany it's widely accepted by main-stream medicine.

Organic Copal (Bursera Odorata)

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