African Dream Herb (Entada rheedii)
african dream herb seed

African Dream Herb is used in Africa to induce prophetic, vivid, and even lucid dreams. It's a shamanic talisman.

NEW!Xhosa Dream Root

african dream root

African Dream Root is among one of the most powerful oneirogens ( dream inducing entheogens ) that I have encountered. Because it's a root rather than leaf, it's potency is considered superior.

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The Brain David Eagleman Psychonauts


The Brain With David Eagleman

          David Eagleman takes you on an enlightening journey through the realms of the mysterious and powerful biological circuitry that is your brain. He explains what the unconscious mind is, and how it drives our behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions of reality. The unconscious mind can also be thought of as your higher self. Pink Floyd once put it, "There's someone in my head, but it's not me."

What I think is most important about Davids teachings, is the knowledge of the unconscious mind. The realization that your unconscious mind is an innate system of superior intelligence to that of our standard waking consciousness is incredibly important for our continuous destiny towards our collective evolution as a species. The relationship between these various levels of consciousness, and the effectiveness of the communication that takes place between them, is what I believe drives our spiritual evolution. To know thy higherself, is to discover and embrance the unconscious mind.

I have personally had many strange and mind-boggling encounters with the unconscious mind in my dreams. The ancient teachings of ones "higher self", are literally referring to this part of the brain, which never stops working or being. I suggest embracing the art of oneironautics (dream exploration), meditation, and psychonautics ( exploring the realms of your mind). Your unconscious mind is lurking inside of you.. and it's just looking for you... Tap into your full human potential by tuning in to the entity of your unconscious mind. Unite all levels of consciousness from within. This will enable you to learn, grow, heal, and attain all new levels of freedom and clarity in your life.

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