News flash America, hemp laws have changed. There's also apparently a common myth surrounding the Cannabis community. The myth is that hemp is the male Cannabis plant. Did you know that it actually has male and female plants though? The female gender of the plant DOES in fact produce buds like Cannabis. See my citations on this towards the bottom of the article. I like you, believed for many years the same thing you did, until I was told otherwise and did the research. There seems to be wide spread argument and debate over this however. Yet, female hemp buds are showing up for sale in gas stations and other shops around the country. They look exactly like Marijuana buds, and have low amounts of cannabinoids. Upon investigation, I've found that these are NOT knock off "designer drugs" but actually what they claim to be. Apparently a very old myth is just coming to light in recent days regarding this long believed notion.

I want to let everyone know there are more to these striking hemp flowers than CBD! They also produce: THCA, CBG, CBA, CBDV and more! Each one of these constituents has its own array of medicinal qualities, according to phytochemical analysis. THCA is known for its immuno-modulating properties, among many others. CBG is known for its "CB1 and CB2 binding affinity.", which gives it its believed medical benefits. Another cool pointer I'd like to send your way is a friend of mine Native to Colorado had made some incredible edibles that she added Hops and Echinacea too! Hops is related to Marijuana, and Echinacea has chemical constituents which bind to cannabinoid receptors as well. These edibles are SO much better than those with just regular Marijuana in them. Hemp flowers can be used to boost any other herbal infusions or Cannabis related DIY medicines as well.

I am very grateful that US hemp laws have changed, and with that is a new demand for hemp flowers that look just like cannabis buds. They do contain THC, but the levels are so low that the final product is considered within the legal limit. These legal buds are high in CBD, which is now a HUGE market. Some ask, what do you do with it? Well some Medical Marijuana patients are not in it for a buzz, and require specific types of medicine to get the medical results that they need. For someone looking for a high CBD strain, and other benefits of the additional cannabinoids, these flowers are prefect. They can be used in cooking and other extracts, which will not induce an intense "sativa high", yet get the job done. You can use them to add an additional CBD boost to edibles cooked with LOW CBD varieties, or just use them as a cigarette replacement. To anyone who doubts that Hemp and Marijuana are two different plants, please do your own research.

I strive to support small businesses and entrepreneurs that struggle against the corporate and political fascism that goes on in the world today. That is why I am so thrilled to see this new HEMP industry in America grow and boom! It gives entrapaneurs around the country an opportunity to make a move financially! We are bringing back the peoples economy by setting things back to the way they were in the good old days. If you plan on starting a shop, these buds are perfect because of the lack of regulation, the legality, the price is unbelievable, and they are alternatives! I'm excited to see marketers blog on the newly discovered scientific inquiry into hemp based products as well. I want to see the people of this country and otheres dominate this market, rather than corporate monopolies taking it over, and suppressing the ability of citizens to capitolize on this market.

If CBD is your thing, it might be more cost efficient to make your own DIY products. You can make yourself way more tincture or oil for way cheaper buying bulk hemp buds vs buying ready made products on the market. Doing it yourself also allows you to have no doubt about the passion and quality that you put into your final product. You have options is all I'm saying. Some prefer to have someone else professionally create their medicine, others do not. To make a long story short, making your own CBD products, extracts, tinctures, etc, is a lot more cost efficient if you just purchase bulk hemp flowers. On the other hand, I support some really high grade quality products on here that are created by individuals who are VERY skilled at what they do. They are worth the price, that I can promise you. The vendors promoted on this site are hand selected for their ethics, quality, and friendlyness.

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