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          The following text discusses several recipes that I came up with for the ultimate dream blend infusions. They are combinations of oneirogens and other herbs chosen to work synergistically to induce the most effective results in my opinion. I prefer to grind them up into a fine powder and "toss and wash" them just as I would with Kratom. "Toss and wash" is when you pour the powder directly on your tongue and chase it with a drink, preferably anything other than water. Tinctures are another way to go. Warning: I am not a medical professional nor do I suggest frequent use of any of this. I rarely mess with them.

My goal with this page is to share something creative with the public. I try to research herbs prior to trying them and watch out for combinations which might not be a good idea. We all stumble across webpages that mention the same things we all already know about over and over again. A lot of them are basically paraphrased text from other websites and the result is nothing new in the way of useful information. I think you'll find what you're looking for here, which is something you don't already have in mind.

Dream blend #1

Ginkgo Biloba, Damiana, and Cilantro.

Memory, Enhancement, and Pineal Gland Detoxification?[ ].

This is a dream blend that I came up with for potentially stimulating memory, enhancing dreams, and detoxing the pineal gland. These three actions induced by these three herbs I think, would make for an exceptionally effective combination assuming these phytochemical studies and their conclusions were accurate, as well as the potency of said herbs was of necessary standard. So word on the street is that "A clogged pineal gland will not induce the same vividness of dreams as a detoxed pineal gland." Cilantro is believed to rid the human body of heavy metals. I figured, let's mix some lore and science and see if it's any fun. These heavy metals are known to cause damage to brain cells, and even more horrible things, thus affecting your dream life. This is why I wrote another complete different article on Amalgam illness before, detailing how and why Cilantro and Sprulina are used for the condition.

Ginkgo Biloba has a well known reputation for a history of use for memory and other mental functions. Rarely is it suggested for dreaming or lucid dreaming, yet I pondered... Its memory enhancing properties I thought.. would make it more than useful in any dream type concotion, despite what you choose to call it.If you don't remember your dreams then what good is it going to do to attempt to enhance them? The first most important part of a journey towards lucid dreaming is to recall your dreams. I considered this when designing my own personal "product". Perhaps one day I will put this type of thinking into a business that creates perfect infusions. (#_#).

Adding the Damiana to the dream blend brings oneirogenic properties to the table. Damiana contains Thujone, just like Mugwort which has a reputation as an oneirogen. I have not heard of Damiana being suggested as an oneirogen, yet I've noticed that it does in fact help. You'll be very impressed with this combination. I take 2-3 small spoons of this a day to assist in my dream life. I've cited a reference on this phytochemical below.

It should be noted that Ginkgo nor Damiana should not be combined with certain herbs or medications, etc. Neither one of these herbs should be taken for excessive periods of time. Do plenty of research before consuming any supplement, herb, etc. Talk to your doctor and listen to the FDA and all 'that. I think that oneirogenic substances are probably the least emphasized or commonly known in the mainstream today, and out of all the commonly known to exist substances. I believe that they may be of the most importance, and yet they are on or towards the top of the list of those being over looked, taken for granted, or having had war waged against their very being. Hello? [tap tap] Is this thing on? Calling all scientist... Promote oneironauticism!

Dream blend #2

Nutmeg, Sassafras root, Poppy seed, Intellect Tree Oil.

This dream mixture idea is based off what I learned about each of these plants in my years of coding and writing for It's an infusion of an array of synergistic phytochemicals found in 4 plants when we break it down. The idea is that these natural chemicals, that we can read about on academic journals, may work together to stimulate neurological activity, memory, enhance our biological sleep patters and quality, and perhaps help us in a beneficial way. The idea is to sedate you into a blissful, deep state of sleep and dreams. I was quite impressed with the amount of research I did coming up with this mixture. Please, allow me to explain.

Nutmeg, like Sassafras contains thujone, and similar alkaloids. They both possess psychoactive properties on their own. Myristicin and elemicin found in Nutmeg are a couple of alkaloids that induce drunken dream-like states on their own. You want quality nutmeg, not the stuff you buy at the grocery store. You want whole nuts, as fresh and potent as possible.

Sassafras root was the original source of flavor and psycho-activity in the original root beer recipes. It's very much like cinnamon and nutmeg because they share many of the same alkaloids. The phytochemical content of this root makes it of interest in certain regions of the world where its consumption is allowed for oneirogenic reasons. This is theoretical though. I mean, you can buy the stuff all year long but you're technically not aloud to consume it. I know it's strange, but I don't make the rules.

Poppy seeds are chalked full of vitamins and they contain a vital neurochemical when it comes to sleep and dreams. They contain Melatonin which is a hormone or neurochemical that induces sleep and controls our circadian rhythm. It's necessary for sleep and many report it to be a very effective oneirogen. Use caution as poppy seeds contain trace amounts of opiates and may lead one to test positive for opiates on a drug test.

Intellect Tree is well known for its beneficial effects on the human brain and body. It has a reputation for having memory enhancing properties and oneirogenic ones as well. It adds that final touch to the blend, topping off all of the benefits from the others with its believed memory enhancing abilities by herbalist. Together, these 4 plants will blow your mind. To learn more about other oneirogens, feel free to browse this website. There are a large number of other dream inducing plants on here to read about. Feel free to check out the dreams section. Nothing on this website is advertised or sold for human consumption. By being here you are by default agreeing to this sites disclaimer. Thank you.

By viewing this page or placing an order you are by default agreeing to our site legal and precautionary disclaimer.

star botanicals
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