African Dream Herb (Entada rheedii)
african entadda rheedii herb seed

African Dream Herb is used in Africa to induce prophetic, vivid, and even lucid dreams. It's a shamanic talisman and oneirogen.
african herb seed

NEW!Xhosa capensis Root
african dream root

African Dream Root is among one of the most powerful oneirogens ( dream inducing entheogens ) that I have encountered. Because it's a root rather than leaf, it's potency is superior.

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The Dream Dictionary Book Tony Crisp


Oneironautics Book

               This book offers you a sound glimpse into your unconscious mind. Based on countless documented cases, these interpretations have been studied by scholarly researchers. It's more than a dictionary too. It offers you sound advise on how to recall your dreams, what to look for when interpreting them, and plenty more valuable information that will leave you filled with knowledge on the subject. These types of dictionaries are based on the concepts of the collective unconscious, psychological archetypes, and universal symbolism that exist in the mins of humanity.

You'll be amazed when you look up terms in this book and they significantly synchornize with your actual life. A lot of the definitions seem obvious once you look into them. Our minds are indeed incredible and their ability to communicate with us in such majestic ways is quite remarkable. Unlock your inner beings and tune into your most creative potential with this book by Tony Crisp. Dreams will be a means for awakening to your potential from here on out.

There are also a wide number of historically used oneirogens out there. Oneirogens are plants or substances that stimulate or induce intense REM activity. Check out this selection of ethnobotanicals. They have many oneirogenic plants and information on how they were traditionally used and viewed. Keep in mind that these practices are considered vital to healing by many cultures. I believe the same, as dreams have often suggested to me which foods that I need, and things to consider in wakin glife.

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