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What you didn't know about Echinacea angustifolia, and many others, is that it does in fact have science to back it up. You see, phytochemistry is a branch of science that studies the micro-scopic mechanisms that plants produce throughout the span of their life-time. This fact was even pointed out on a Bill Nye The Science Guy episode They literally use the suns energy, and the bio-spheres water and air, to create highly complex organic compounds. Although these items are not evaluated or approved by the FDA, that does NOT mean that highly educated and scholarly individuals around the globe do not have an interest these plants, and that they don't potentially benefit the human body. Whether scientist want to admit it or not, there is intelligent design.

Some of the most brilliant university students around the planet have been studying the mechanisms within Echinacea and other botanicals for quite some time now, yet God has already the understanding of how they were made and how they work. In fact, a large number of modern pharmaceutical drugs would not and could not exist if it were not for these miracles produced by nature. Below I will discuss the very fascinating facts that these heroic minds have made possible. E. angustifolia in partcular, is a lot like Cannabis. I'll talk more about that in the next paragraph. Please be encouraged to do further research from academic jouranls on these plant based medicines. It actually goes great with herb.

Echinacea literally is believed to work with Cannabinoid receptors in the human body! This is NOT a "spice" hint. This is indeed, a very fascinating fact that I would like the entire world to be aware of. Our bodies come equipped with what is referred to in academic terms as the "Endocannabinoid system". This system and our bodies are chalked full of receptor sites on a cellular level. They are designed to work with these amazing compounds. Cannabinoid receptors are like little locks located in the human body that are literally wired to pick up on chemicals, which are the keys to the locks, that your body produces, as well as compounds present in Marijuana, and apparently other plants as well, including Echinacea.

Researchers have discovered the incredible fact that Echinacea angustifolia contains phytochemicals that bind to these receptors. It's also well known that the endocannabinoid system ( a system in the human body that works ever so precisely with naturally occurring Marijuana-like compounds ) plays a vital role in the human immune system function, as well as other amazing functions. It comes as no surprise that these studies go along with the notion that the angustifolia root and herb boost the immune system. We've known anecdotally for centuries that it boost the immune system, and now thanks to science we understand why and how. You can get free Echinacea purpurea seeds with every order @

Cichoric acid and Caftaric acid are both Phenol compounds that are found within Echincea. Another Phenol known as Echinacoside, is found in higher concentrations within the Angustifolia strain and the roots of the Pallida strain than in other species. In 2007 a study conducted by the University of Connecticut, it was concluded that this remedy did in fact cut the chances of catching a cold by more than 50%, while the duration of the cold was also shortened. Many people across the globe have sworn by its God given touch sense their first encounter with the striking flower. Thank God for plants and seed bearing herbs that are freely given to us for our benefit. He's an amazing creator.

On a final note, I'd just like to say that it makes absolutely no sense to go against nature. To believe that everything in reality is a meaningless and ignorant accident is flat out lacking in thought. The human body is in fact designed to be optimized and nurtured by nature. Organic systems of sustinance surrounds us and protects us from harm, as long as we proceed with caution and respect. Everything that exist is a mysterious, mind boggling miracle that should never be condemned or taken lightly. I wish for the entire world to seek out enlightenment and embrace the miraculous wonders of existence. Life, the universe, and reality as we know it, is far more "out there" than many people dare to dream.


Echinacea should not be consumed every single day of your life. Like any medicine, there is a time and purpose for its use, and there is such a thing as "going overboard with it". After x number of days, it will have the opposite effect. The bible even discussed this, as its own way of teaching moderation and gratitude, a form of being humble in ones behavior rather than trying to live like some unruly spoiled false god, Jeremiah 46:11 KJV "Go up into Gilead, and take balm, O virgin, the daughter of Egypt: in vain shalt thou use many medicines; for thou shalt not be cured." I wanted to point out that it appears in 2022 the serpent is trying to merge the US health system with the w.h.o. and their graven image. I must point out what the second commandment warns of: thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image and thou shalt not bow down thyselves to them, nor serve them.

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