Chilean Holly (Desfontainia spinosa)

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Michay; Chapico; (Taique Desfontainia spinosa)

                 Desfontainia spinosa is a small holly-like evergreen shrub native to South America. This PARTICULAR plants history of use by cultures who were in clear violation of biblical doctrine. This page is here as a warning to those who may not know about the "shamanic ethnobotanical" deception and its connection to the new age movement.. In Chile, it is known as Taique, in Colombia as borrachero ("intoxicator"). Don't let the name fool you though, a little research suggest this plant is highly toxic and contains some rather diabolical chemical constituents also found in Datura and other dilerants... It's sad to see online "ethnobotanical" vendors not being aware of what they're promoting ( witchcraft ). Colombian shamans(witches basically) of the Kamsa tribe take a tea of the leaves to "diagnose disease" or enter "non-ordinary reality". It is also falsely reported that it produces a relaxing dream-like state of perception by "shamans". These effects are believed to be caused from natural constituents made by nature, and are not to be confused with "designer drugs", or "spice". I strongly advise you right now to never purchase and consume this crap. Not all plants are bad, and I believe in herbal medicine, but one must use the gift of discernment. Poisons mean sorcery, by definition.

These cultures claim to be "Holistic healers", and claim the essence of the herb eases emotional fear of unknown things allowing a free exploration of new states and phases of consciousness. While herbalism is real, some plants are poisonous, and were used by shamans, and God forbids this! It is pharmakaia In ancient times there was a healer known as Yeshua, or in America today Jesus Christ we call him. He was real. Any type of "healing" from the new age will eventually reveal itself to you as a slow curse and toxcicity that develops over the years until you eventually notice it. Please note that "shamanic" means witchcraft basically, and it is forbidden by the holy bible for your own protection. A lot of new age beliefs are merely the doctrine of devils being used to deceive you into thinking you have some sort of power by teaching you to work with familiar spirits through use of GRAVEN IMAGES( see Ten Commandments Exodus 20 ). Only the most high has all the power, and Yahweh is certainly not going to give it to all of us. This is why the book of Genesis is so vague and not detailed. God's not going to hand us a manual on "the science of godism". Science I believe, is possibly related to the result of eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.

Recently, spinosides A and B, two cytotoxic cucurbitacin glycosides have been identified from Desfontainia spinosa (Reddy et al, 1988). It's similar to Datura and other dilerant plants in its hemical composition. It's very dangerous and not to be consumed. Be warned, there are people out there falsely selling this and making claims that can lead to potential harm to unsuspecting customers! Use discretion! Check my website before hand, because I am honest, and a Christian. Another common name for the Chilean is "michay chapico taique". Remember that it is dangerous and these facts are just facts. Also take the time to contact the shop owners you buy from, and get to know them a bit. This way you can see what type of person is running the show. I believe in wholesome herbal supplements for Gods people, but quality, selection, and context all matter to god. Not all plants are there for our consumption, and none are there to be used in any sort of divination or sorcrey. Only Jesus Christ can deliver you and the Most High from this lifestyle.

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Kratom, Plants, Seeds, USDA Herbs, Bibles, Books and More!

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Warning, the difference between medicine and sorcery is that sorcery makes use of poisonous things, and tends to associate with graven images, idolatry, and false god worship, deliberate (knowingly), or not. Medicine is using what God has made for us in the way in which he made it for us while praising and worshipping only him for the gifts that therein are. For Godly herbs beneficial for us, see the herbalism section. The Ethnobotanicals section is 97% warnings against false doctrines and dangerous plants being mis-marketed and mis-used. This is biblical ethnobotany.

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