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Kratom Update: The FDA is trying to get every state on board with banning our herb as of 2022-23, and even to the WHO. (The bible warned of this) Follow the American Kratom Association to sign petititons and make calls and emails. We have successfully stopped all efforts to bring more unwanted laws to the USA! Please contact the AKA and let them know what you want! Tell them you don't want limitations on the potency of our herb, nor do you want the little guy to be weeded out of the industry. You must join them and make your voice heard or what you want may be overlooked! Please get involved! Psalm 91:13 "You will tread upon the lion and cobra; The young lion and the serpent you will trample down" (NASB ver by Zondervan Bibles)

This is a list of pages which exist on that start with the letter L. Some include Ethnobotanicals, and other include page titles which start with L. The site is alphabetized for your convenience!

Legalize Kratom Where It's Not!
live kratom plants

This blog encourages Americans to get involved in our fight for freedom. If the majority of us want Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) legal, then why should we allow a minority to oppress us? It's not acceptable, not fair, not right, not logical, and it can NOT happen. Legalize Kratom where it's illegal, and protect the lives and well being of Americans in states which are unfortunate enough to participate in its prohibition. Learn how here! There's really no excused, not only does God work miracles when you abide, work for him, and ask, and be righteous at heart, but you have the ability to make a difference. Join for your free website, start using Google shcholar at and cite academic sources, call out mis-information, and become an online thought activist. People are sheep, and as righteous humans we must herd the population back towards justice, freedom, and unsubmissiveness to the enemy. We submit only to the Most High God, not all these false gods, and their graven images(see exodus 20)

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis)
lemon balm

Lemon Balm is a member of the Mint family and research suggest that it has nootropic potential! Nootropic is something that's thought to enhance cognitive function ( mental performance ). It's in the Mint family of plants as well, a recurring theme for this fam. Lemon Balm contains some fascinating terpenes which have been recently trending in popularity for their health benefits. One study concludes: Peppermint (Mentha piperita) essential oil with high levels of menthol/menthone and characteristic in vitro cholinergic inhibitory, calcium regulatory and GABAA/nicotinic receptor binding properties, beneficially modulated performance on demanding cognitive tasks and attenuated the increase in mental fatigue associated with extended cognitive task performance in healthy adults. Future investigations should consider investigating higher doses. [1]

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratum)
lemongrass Cymbopogon citratum

Lemongrass has many applications in herbalism and is most widely known for its citronella content! The principal chemical constituents of citronella, geraniol and citronellol, are antiseptics, hence their use in household disinfectants and soaps. Besides oil production, citronella grass is also used for culinary purposes, as a flavoring. Each one of these has a list of medicinal properties. They can all be found in the National Library Of Medicine, also known as "PubChem". I link to this resource at the bottom of every page. I do this to show that despite the narrative, there is scientific proof behind the benefits of medicinal plants and herbs.

Lemon Peel (Citrus limon)
lemon peel

Lemon peel is the perfect additive to almost any herbal infusion or tincture! Did you know that Lemon peel contains some of the same terpenes as Cannabis?! It's sort of like a natural multi-vitamin. It's loaded with vitamin C and others as well!. It can be used in the culinary arts, or added into tinctures. Like almost anything, taking too much of this stuff and for too long is NOT a good idea!. Use it appropriately and be careful, while researching precautions. If you have certain conditions then you may not want to use Lemon peel. Not everything is for everyone, but there is something for everyone out there made by the creator. Give your thanks and praise to the Most High God.

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra)
licorice root

Licorice was used by Native Americans to ease body aches associated with the flu and other illness. It's an amazing plant that I personally believe synergizes very well with Kratom. AND ALSO Echinacea! Licorice was so impressive the first time that I tried it that I always remembered it anytime making a DIY tincture using grain alcohol. It's very under-rated, and the effects were so pronounced that I bet if it were too popular they would ban it. It's a lot like a natural tylenol, but I would say more potent. Native American's loved this root, and I can see why. Whenever medicine makes me feel better, I say "Thank GOD!", as he's the one who deserves the praise, being the true creator of all medicine.

Linden Flower

Linden Flowers contain mucilage ( also found in Mullein ), among many other phytochemicals... Its flowers are made into tea for anxiety, indigestion, irregular heartbeat, and in herbal cough and cold remedies formula's. Chemicals present within Linden help promote sweating, which people swear by for lowering fevers. Herbal tea's like this work great when you eat hot food with them. Foods like soup, made from scratch at home, with cumin, tumeric, garlic, onion, red pepper, etc, can really help you to feel better when sick. Echinacea and linden tea are a great companion to some hot soup on a sick day. Never buy capsules from Walmart. Their brands only care about profit, and their quality is inferior.

Lions Mane Mushrooms
lions mane mushrooms

Mushrooms are some of the most beneficial natural medicines on the planet. The nutrition and healing potential that they posess is astronomical. Like the Intellect Tree Seed, Lions Man may also protect Against Dementia, is used by herbalist and nutritionist for mild symptoms of depression and anxiety, digestion, good for the heart, diabetes, and cancer.{healthline} It is also said to boost the immune system, and is very good for the nervous system!. Some studies have shown that extracts of lion’s mane mushrooms may encourage nerve cells to grow at a faster rate![2] For mushrooms, I prefer a strong homemade tincture.

List Of Phytochemicals
And The Plants That Contain And Produce Them

This page evolves over time, and is a never ending work of progress. If you'd like to submit some new phytochemicals please email me and please include citations! Botanical Guides is such a big website that it takes a long time to touch every page on site. There are over 500 pages within this webpage and I work on it over the days, as they turn into years. In a sense, the site slowly evolves, and in my opinion, has never been of higher quality. I have combined the science with sight, to expose how it backs up the notion of intelligent design, and show how the bible and this science show us that God really did give man every seed bearing herb, and we should use them properly, and give him thanks and praise, Amen.

Live Banisteriopsis Caapi Plant Care
caapi vine

I used to link to Bouncing Bear Botanicals that sold these, but not anymore as they don't exist anymore. If you sell them and want promotion contact You'll get the traffic and sales that you need. I can not accept product for this item however; Banisteriopsis caapi is the Vine used in Ayahuasca. It is not "Ayahuasca" itself, but it is often called "Ayahuasca VINE", which is not the same as the Ayahuasca BREW ( confusing, I know ). The caapi vine itself only contains the MAOI, and does not contain psychoactive DMT. It does activate it when combined with other plants. This is not a shop, and I have the right to unrestricted communication when it comes to speaking truth and citing sources son. See my bibilical warnings about the context of such plants, as this genre of botanials was often used by shamanic cultures, so you need to read some bible verses to protect yourself when it comes to them. I have you covered on this.

LSD Is A Synthetic Version Of Natural Alkaloids

Lsd Is A Synthetic Version Of Phytochemicals Produced By Plants

Albert hoffman eventually came to realize that the LSD he invented, wasn't invented at all. He discovered a series of constituents known as lysergics which had already existed for thousands of years in nature! Needless to say this induced an intense fascionationg and appreciation with the complexity of nature for the man. It is the natural intelligence which flows throughout the universe that inspires a mystical world view for us.

Christian interested in lucid dreaming? Check the word and with God.

Lucid Dreaming is a scientifically proven phenominon where a dreamer can train theirself to realize that they are dreaming, while they are dreaming! So you're basically conscious and unconscious at the same time! ( conscious within the unconscious! ) This is something that Freud and Jung were very much interested in! I take a Christian approach to it now and pray to God for these dreams, and meditate on him and his word. You must follow the rules of the bible when considering wanting to experience this realm. You can not just do things without God's permission.

For a list of strictly herbs that start with the letter L check out my herbals-l page.


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