Dream Blend Teas
poppy plant
Learn how to make your own oneirogenic dream blend teas and infusions. There are many dream enhancing plants out there, more than you may think.

Inebriating Mint
Lagochilus inebrians
Inebriating Mint is mentioned in the book "Food Of The Gods", by Hofman and Schultes. Indigenous people would consume it for its intoxicating properties.

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These items are listed discussed in alphabetical order to make it easier to browse. Don't forget you can use the search bar too. I'm literally working on these pages every day. Follow me on your social networks for updates! Click on the plants title to learn more about it.

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                 This is no ordinary selection of plants. These ethnobotanical specimens are of great interest to pharmocologist, ethnobotanist, scientist, alternative healers, spiritualist, shamans, and other cultures across the globe. Ethnobotanicals have been highly sought after by human beings sense the beginning. Below I will discuss these sacred botanicals in alphabetical order. Keep in mind this is only a small portion of ethnobotanicals in the world.

Marijuana - Cannabis

Marijuana has been used as a medicine for thousands and thousands of years. Its use as a pharmacological herbal remedy is something that's been observed in nearly every culture, and all throughout history. Today, science is showing us that it is far from harmful, and has benefits that are so remarkable that it has thoroughly boggled the minds of those studying its abilities. The page that i've put together for Cannabis also includes many other articles on it.

Mugwort - Artemisia vulgaris
mugwort herb

Mugwort is very similar to Wormwood because it's not only a relative, but it also shares many of the same properties. Mugwort has the scientific name Artemesia vulgaris, while Wormwood has the scientific name Artemesia absinthium ( used in Absinth) or Artemesia afra ( African Wormwood ). Both species have incredible abilities to induce vivid and even "prophetic", or calculated dreams. This is not only my own observation but the observation of many individuals around the world. Aside from its dream inducing properties, Mugwort offers a wide range of medicinal applications.

It's mostly feminine in nature. Some cultures burn it as an incense to stimulate the third eye ( pineal gland ). It should not be consumed for extended periods of time. A good rule of thumb is no longer than one and a half weeks of consumption. After that, you should stop consumption for at least one weeks.

Maconha Brava - Zornia latifolia
zornia latifolia

Maconha Brava is an entheogen of choice in Brazil. It's main properties are anxiolytic. This means that it produces effects that induce relaxation and reduce anxiety levels. To get the most out of it, make an elixir by creating two separate extracts. The first extract should be made by heating the plant matter on low heat ( simmer ) in some water for at least 20 minutes. This will prevent any active constituents from being damaged by the heat. The second extract should be a tincture. This is done by soaking the leaf material in alcohol for an extended period of time. Recombine the two mixtures to create a potent elixir.

Mandrake - Mandragora officinarum
mandragora officinarum

Mandrake is a very historic and even mysterious plant. It has often been carried for good luck and protection. It offers the same series of constituents found in other potentially dangerous plants like Datura, Nightshade, and even Henbane. If you are not familiar with that then you should absoutely not consume them. Datura, Nightshade, and Henbane are not to be taken lightly. They have been used by knowledgeable people and taken with great care. Carelessness, and/or lack of knowledge when dealing with these in particular can be lethal.

Mapacho Logs - Nicotiana Tabacum - Tobacco
nicotiana tabacum

Mapacho Tobacco logs are organically grown in Argentina, where the name originates from. This Tobacco is not like the crap you buy at the local gas station, or even the discount Tobacco store. It's free of pesticides, formaldehyde, and other harmful ingredients which are known to taint the herb and have destroyed its reputation. It's often burned during religious ceremonies by different religious paths around the world. Even the highly respected Native Americans prize and use Tobacco.

Shamans in the Amazon utilize it as an "entheogen" or sacred religious sacrament that they believe inducing 'divine states of consciousness from within', during sacred Ayahuasca ceremonies. I'd also like to add that Tobacco had its own prohibition, much like Marijuana. Finally it was legalized and taken over by big corporations. Isn't it odd that adding harmful additives to cigarettes has not been stopped by the FDA?

Sophora - Secundiflora Mescal Beans: Frijoles
mescal beans

These beans are admired mostly for their beauty. Certain religious paths have utilized them for their psychoactive properties. Although, as dangerous as they are, this idea may be psycho in and of itself. Their use has been done so very carefully as they are a highly toxic in nature. Just one seed is deadly..

So please consider this a serious warning. These people knew what they were doing. Aside from the psychoactive use of these entheogenic beans, they have also been used in the production of jewelry. Sense prehistoric times the Mescal Bean has been prized among human beings. They are considered a talisman by many paths.

Tagetes lucida - Mexican Mint Marigold - Pericon - Yauhtli
targetes lucida

Many cultures have burned incense during religious ceremonies. It's thought to induce states of lucidity while awake. Is the scientific name "lucida" and indication of this? This particular entheogenic incense is known as the Mexican Mint Marigold. It gets the common nickname from its home-land of Mexico of course.

The use of Tagetes lucida dates back to the ancient Aztecs. They burned it in a ritualistic incense known as "yauhtli". It has also been combined with various strains of Tobacco and taken during Peyote ceremonies. Incense are use to stimulate spiritual awareness, and aid the user into entering heightened states of consciousness and/or awareness.

Mimosa Hostilis
buy mimosa hostilis for sale

Mimosa Hostilis has been used in the preparation of Ayahuasca brews. Various parts of the plant are used. Shamans use this magical brew to enter heightened states of consciousness. They consider these gifts to hold limitless amounts of knowledge and guidance. The Mimosa entheogen is used in spiritual practice and is highly respected and fascinating. It's only legal in the USA if you have the lawful religious right to use it.

Morning Glory
morning glory

Morning Glories come in many colors and varieties. They have a history of use among alternative spiritual paths such as Oaxaca of southern Mexico. They are very similar to Hawaiian Baby Woodrose. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose are basically gigantic morning glories. The leaves and flowers are the same only the size is much larger. I'm pretty sure they were even depicted in the motion picture, "The Wizard Of Oz". When Dorothy first steps foot into "munchkin land" you'll notice what clearly appears to be Hawaiian Baby Woodrose. Learn much more about Morning Glories here.

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