Papaver somnifereum ( Opium Poppy )
live poppy plant
These are sold as collectors items only. They have also been refered to as the Sacred Anchor Of Life, Milk Of Paradise, the Hand Of God, and Destroyer Of Grief.

Sacred Lotus
sacred pink lotus
The Pink Lotus is closely related to the Blue Lotus. Both have a tranquilizing sedative effect on the body and a stimulating and soothing effect on the minds eye. The pink lotus carries the same vibration as the color itself.

Indian Warrior Flowers
indian warrior flowers
Native American Narcotic

Kavalactone Rich Root
This root comes all the way from the pacific, where it has been consumed for its intoxicating effects.

Natural Opiate Alternative
Opiate Alternative

Passion Flower (MAOI Contains Harmaline Alkaloids)
passion flower
Non-GMO & Organic

All Natural
Works Like Opioid

M. speciosa
Works Like Opiate

Ethnobotanicals And Sacred Entheogens

MR Botanicals Rare Ethnobotanicals Iboga Khat Seeds Ayahuasca Chacruna
Rare Ethnobotanicals & Seeds For Sale


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                This is no ordinary selection of plants. These ethnobotanical specimens are of great interest to pharmocologist, ethnobotanist, scientist, alternative healers, spiritualist, shamans, and other cultures across the globe. Ethnobotanicals have been highly sought after by human beings sense the beginning. Below I will discuss these sacred gifts in alphabetical order. Keep in mind this is only a small portion of ethnobotanicals in the world.

Uva Ursi; Bearberry;

               This entheogen was used by Native Americans to create a ceremonial tribal blend collectively known as "Kinnikinnick". It has been found to have anti-microbial properties and other medicinal uses. Learn more about Bearberry here.

Ubhubhubhu; Helinus Integrifolius

               Ubhubhubhu is among one of the most powerful oneirogens that I have ever tried. Oneirogens are plants that induce dream activity. They help keep your memory of the dreams more vivid, and enhance lucid dream practice. Of course, you'll need to get off fluoride first and start a dream journal. You need to make a habit of writing down your dreams in the morning. Start by taking note in the morning that you have just woken up. Ask yourself what the last thing you did was. Do not give up on this and it will happen for you. Once you are recalling your dreams every morning and writing them down, then it's time for Ubhubhubhu.

Umkcaloabo (Pelargonium sidoides)

              Studies have found evidence that it's in fact useful for dealing with acute bronchitis, the common cold, and acute rhino-sinusitis. This species in particular is used in general healing purposes. It has a wide number of applications. Learn More

Uvuma-omhlope - Synaptolepsis Kirkii

              Synaptolepsis Kirkii is another oneirogen simliar to Xhosa. Today, it's becoming more and more popular in western culture to enhance and stimulate dreams. Traditionally, it was believed to induce prophetic dreams, and aid the diviner in attaning higher knowledge. Learn More


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