Papaver somnifereum ( Opium Poppy )
live poppy plant
These are sold as collectors items only. They have also been refered to as the Sacred Anchor Of Life, Milk Of Paradise, the Hand Of God, and Destroyer Of Grief.

Sacred Lotus
sacred pink lotus
The Pink Lotus is closely related to the Blue Lotus. Both have a tranquilizing sedative effect on the body and a stimulating and soothing effect on the minds eye.

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Indian Warrior Flowers
indian warrior flowers
Native American Narcotic



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                This is no ordinary selection of plants. These ethnobotanical specimens are of great interest to pharmocologist, ethnobotanist, scientist, alternative healers, spiritualist, shamans, and other cultures across the globe. Ethnobotanicals have been highly sought after by human beings sense the beginning. Below I will discuss these sacred gifts in alphabetical order. Keep in mind this is only a small portion of ethnobotanicals in the world.

Voacanga - Iboga Barks Long Lost Twin
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               This entheogen is closely related to Iboga. Like many other ethnobotanicals, Voacanga too is native to Africa. The bark and seeds of the plant are used in Ghana as a poison, stimulant, aphridisiac, and ceremonial psychedelic. The plant naturally produces constituents simliar to Iboga.

A note on the poisonous aspect of this enthenge. Did you know that a medical rule known as "arndt schulz law" states that any poison in a dilute enough dosage has positive effects on life processes? In other words, any poison is a medicine in small enough doses. The main difference between medicine and poison is the dosage.

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On a final note I'd just like to say that I often wonder when human kind will finally snap out of it. We are destroying the planet, ignoring our spiritual potential, and flat out doing things the wrong way.

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