Papaver somnifereum ( Opium Poppy )
live poppy plant
These are sold as collectors items only. This flower has also been refered to as the Sacred Anchor Of Life, Milk Of Paradise, the Hand Of God, and Destroyer Of Grief.

Sacred Lotus
sacred pink lotus
The Pink Lotus is closely related to the Blue variety. Both have a tranquilizing and sedative effect on the body and minds. The pink strain carries the same vibration as the color itself. Seeds are available.

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Iboga Seeds

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Rare Ethnobotanials For Sale

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                This is no ordinary selection of plants. These roots, seeds, flowers, and leaves are all of great interest to pharmocologist, ethnobotanist, scientist, alternative healers, spiritualist, shamans, and other cultures across the globe. Ethnobotanicals are plants that have been highly sought after by human beings sense the beginning. Below I will discuss these sacred plants in alphabetical order. Keep in mind this is only a small portion of ethnobotanical plants in the world.

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Xhosa Dream Herb - Selene Capensis

                  Various African religions have made use of many sacred entheogens. This entheogenic plant is commonly referred to as the Xhosa Dream Herb. It's used by an indigeous religious and spiritual group known as the Xhosa People of Africa. This Xhosa herbhas the incredible ability to induce vivid and prophetic lucid dreams. It's more potent that other oneirogens including Calea Zacatechichi and even African Dream Herb ( Entada rheedii ).

Preparing the Xhosa Herb for consumption before entering the dream realm is very easy. Sense the roots of this ethnobotanical species are traditinoally used before sleep, it's best to make a decoction. Decoctions are made when using roots and barks of any type. They are prepared by boiling the material for an extended period of time. You want to boil them at the lowest temperature possible.

Note: Although the root is the prized part of this plant in traditional preparations, I like to utilize the leaves and flowers as well. Also, growing this one from seed is a lot more difficult than just taking cuttings, or growing it by the root.

Dream Journals

                  Dream Journals are a simple enough concept that can help you easily remember your dreams on a daily basis. When you wake up in the morning write down your dream as they comes to you. Include as many details as possible. Don't worry about grammar and spelling. Just write down what you remember as quickly as possible. A good method to help you get the details and sequence of down is to first write down what I call keywords. These are symbols that stick out the most to you. From there write down what you remember surrounding each keyword. Do this every morning when you wake up as an exercise.

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Get Off The Fluoride

                 Fluoride accumulates around the pineal gland (minds eye). This effects your ability to dream. I've noticed it can even effect your sleep sense this effects melatonin levels. I drink nothing but spring water because it originates from the earth. After a while you can tell which brands of water are fluoridated and which ones are not. There are natural remedies for detoxing the pineal gland including Ginger root, Chocolate, Echinacea and others. There are a large number of fluoride free toothpaste out there also. Once you remove this toxin from your life, you will feel much better and dream like crazy.

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                 Meditation greatly increases your ability to lucid dream, or dream period. It's very easy and also reduces stress. Meditation allows your mind to rest and reach deeper states of consciousness. It tunes one into their own inner world. Many believe this mellow state of being helps the body and mind to heal. There is also science behind the benefits of meditation practice. Get into a comfortable position, making sure your spine is straight. Relax all of your muscles and your mind. Don't worry about trying not to think as it will happen eventually in time. Take slow deep breaths and focus on your breathing. Eventually you will naturally become very relaxed while your mind will slowly quiet. Doing this at least once a day for thirty minutes can change your life.

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