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Yarrow has striking bright white flowers. I first found out about it with a Native American friend that I had who was able to identify it in the wild. I had mentioned something about it and said that I felt drawn to it for some reason. She told me they used it for headaches, and as a medicine for colds and flus. It's been a staple of life for me ever sense. I'm not a doctor but if you have ulcers or any conditions I would talk to one. I'd talk to one period. She also told me they used it for topical ailments like wounds, cuts, bruises, etc.

Yerba Mate
yerba mate gourd

Yerba Mate is something I first found out about via an ex girlfriend. She had told me it was like Coffee, except you get more up on it without the jitters! I heard about its use in different cultures, and how they traditionally consumed it out of a "goard"? I almost started to feel like this was some sort of natural pseudo-drug the way people talked about it. I was actually amazed when I first tried it just how good it really is! I don't want to exxaderate but if you like energy drinks and caffeine, then chances are you may enjoy this stuff. It's gotta good taste too, and it's GREEN!

Yucca root
Yucca root was another Native American favorite. My Native American friend shared a lot of knowledge with me on these ethnobotanical plants. She explained to me that they used it for everything from Shampoo, to medicine for general illness. It's a rather hearty root, being very tough.. I woulnd't be surprised if it could be used in rope making or construction. After that last sentence, I did a quick search online, and tons of results came up for making Yucca rope. lol I'm sure it's not as tough as HEMP, but still that's pretty cool. I also have a great book on Native American medicine called "Earthway" and it mentions its use as well.

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