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Disclaimer: This is the internet. You don't have to believe what I say. There are academic resources out there too. I want to write a bit today at random! Sometimes a writer gets so tired of having to structure their content, and make it of "order". I just want to be free and let it flow and please no one at this moment but myself and the like-minded fans who deserve to enjoy this blog post. With this in mind, I hope that you enjoy. I want to talk about a woman today named Jennifer Dumpert, who I am very proud of despite the fact that we've never had a conversation or met. Her work is her mission, and it's a significantly important one at that. I'm very glad to hear her talk about the very important aspect of dreaming known as "Liminal Dreaming".

I had this idea too, as to the importance of this state of mind. I often wondered why no one was talking about the idea of being lucid in the hypnopompic state, or even the hypnogogic state. Until I discovered her website, I had no idea that anyone out there had even considered this aspect of the oneironaut world. I searched the internet high and low a long time ago and found nothing much on the subject. I became fascinated with it because I swore and still do, that I was able to transition into the dream state, fully lucid in my hypnogogic transition. I felt that this state of mind was just as important as the dream world, only in a different way. I feel, and still do, that they hypnopompic state is a primal grounds for "prophetic" psuedo-dreams I guess we'll call them? I guess you could refer to them as "visions" at the risk of sounding new-agey.

It was refreshing to finally find out about a beautiful woman who understands such an important spiritual aspect to our humanity. I want to encourage everyone to check her out and listen to her lectures, her content, etc. My take on this, is that the hypnopompic state can be thought of like a door, which gives you quick and easy access to unconscious, and subconscious truths, such as that of the lucid dream state. It feels to me, that in this state, one can have a sense for the internal, and the external.. It feels as though, there is some sort of time distortion that takes place, like maybe you're somehow traveling in time with your mind? It sounds far out, but once you delve into doing your lucidity practices, you too will likely experience it. I felt alone for a while, but once I heard about what she teaches, I felt elated that someone else has touched base on this.

We've all experienced the hypnopompic imagery in the morning. For a lot of us the best way it can be described is to say that you awaken in the morning but not completely, and dream like visions and ideas are passing through your mind. Sometimes they can closely resemble waking thoughts. Once you've come out of that state though, you then realize you were not awake. This is the hypnopompic state. The reason a lot of those ideas and imagery don't make sense to you later is because you "dreamt" them, in a way.. only in a different state, a different level of consciousness than that of a dream or lucid dream. It's my belief that very important insight comes through to you durnig this phase. Even if it's only a few seconds of something, it's very important. Working with this state of consciousness is known as "Liminal Dreaming".

If you're totally new to embracing your dreams then let me walk you through the first steps of recalling them every morning. The first thing you need to do is train your awareness to recognize that you're falling asleep or waking up from sleep. These two states again are the hypnogogic and hypnopompic state. Once you can feel yourself falling asleep and drifting into these states of mind, you will become more aware, aka more lucid. Next, train yourself to be still upon waking from the hypnopompic, and sort of embrace and hold on to your awareness of being in this state. It's a pretty cool thing because you'll be conscious, yet your body will still be asleep. If done correctly, you can wake up from your nights sleep fully rested and aware of the entrance back to waking life! After you master this, there are some dream incubation methods that you can use and have fun with as well.

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Liminal Dreaming: Exploring Consciousness

star botanicals
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