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          This species is prized for both its ornamental and medicinal values. Native Americans especially appreciated it for its medicinal qualities. False Unicorn was traditionally used to prevent miscarriages. It also has a reputation for improving fertility. The root of False Unicorn is also employed in reproductive tonics for women. It's often marketed and sworn by for female ailments related to PMS and other conditions.

Back in the day cultures literally believed this stuff to dispel evil. This may be attributed to the fact that it acted as a beneficial natural substance to human beings. It's said fresh root of the herb is extremely potent. It's also been referred to by names such as fairy wand and blazing star. Despite the lies being spread out there today, even by our own government, it and thousands of other plants are scientifically backed by phytochemistry. False Unicorn Root contains bio-active beneficialy constituents. They include: a mixture of steroidal saponins, chamaelirin and aglycone diosgenin. These substances serve as an emmenagogue, diuretic and emetic, according to research.

Roots are generally made into what's known as decoctions. Decoctions are made by boiling roots or barks for an extended period of time. False Unicorn root also has a history of use for treating menstrual cramps, leukorrhea, ovarian pain, and irregular urination caused from pelvic issues. Phytochemical research suggest it does have tremendous potential as effective medicine.

These historic applications for this herbal remedy were all done back in the days before phytochemistry. Back then, documented observation was the only evidence or proof that people needed. Fortunately, for those who doubt natures healing power today, science has jumped on board to explain how plants really are ingenious chemist, that create fascinating pharmacological compounds.

Today, brilliant researches from Universities around the globe study these plants and the chemicals they create. Big pharmaceutical companies knows that plants produce highly sophisticated pharmacological compounds. No human chemist can compete with these "weeds". It seems that greed has driven these corporations into selling their souls for the all mighty dollar. I can't for the life of me understand why the mainstream media has not jumped on board to make these facts well known either.

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