FDA Approves New Opioid Drug End Of 2018

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The FDA recently approved a new opioid drug as of the end of November, 2018. I don't understand this type of behavior. Oh well, this is life and this is what we have to deal with. I am gratful for the folks at the American Kratom Association because without them, I'm certain it would not be legal today. Please follow them, subscribe to their email, and do what they ask as it has paid off in the long run on a mass scale.

I was sitting in Mcdonalds not too long ago and a news report came on about something to do with the opioid epidemic, and I heard that a rate had actually dropped. Immediately I thought, "because of Kratom!" Sadly, I believe this is the real reason they are after it. I wish that such agencies would be less hostile when dealing with natural substances. Obviously there is a market for both and people should have a choice. There's too much cash influence involve in these political schemes I believe.

With all of the already readily available and widely abused prescription opiates already on the market both legal and illegal, you would think they would deny another pill. After all, were being told the efforts to discredit and outlaw Kratom is in the name of safety and abuse prevention. Honestly, I think Kratom is the answer to the epidemic but that's my opinion and the opinion of many others, reputable and credible people too.

So I guess the bottom line here is take a deep breath, remain involved, and please just do what the American Kratom Association ask. They have a newsletter and send out mass emails when signatures and things like that are needed to prevent a ban. They have been on the ball and are hugely important. Thanks for reading and please share this article with your friends and family! Also join in on the current battle in Ohio to keep it legal there! Get your Live Kratom Plants Now!

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