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         Fennel produces a chemical known as anethole. It does this in a highly sophisticated way that no human being has ever accomplished. The anethol compound explains some of its medical effects. It acts as a type of phytoestrogen. Below I will go over some of its medicinal properties.

It has been used for primary dysmenorrhea, as a carminative in both humans and veterinary medicine, and to treat flatulence. Many herbalist use it in the form of a syrup to treat babies with colic. Long term use is not suggested for use in babies however. Fennel seeds are also eaten raw in the Indian subcontinent. There, they are said to improve eyesight. Ancient Romans knew this too. They regarded this remedy as the "herb of sight". Decoctions made from the root were also used in tonics to clear cloudy eyes. Extracts of it have been shown to have the potential for treating glaucoma.

It may make an effective diuretic drug for treating hypertension. It's also great to repel fleas and other insects. Finally, it has a vast history of use as a galactagogoue. I know, it's a very hard word to pronounce. It's a type of herb, substance, or drug, that helps improve the milk supply of a breastfeeding mother.


Phytochemistry is a branch of chemistry that studies medicinal compounds that plants create. These natural herbs serve as highly sophisticated chemist that create remarkably fascinating and useful substances. University students around the world have been isolating these naturally occurring compounds, and studying their benefits and effects for quite some time now. So don't be fooled if it hasn't been evaluated or approved by the FDA. That doesn't mean many brilliant minds have not conducted their own scientific research.

The Far Out Facts

What too many people fail to understand is that everything in existence is based on intelligence. There are many examples that depict this self evident truth. One outstanding example is the evolutionary process of plants. They have evolved some rather ingenious strategies for survival, and for giving back to the biosphere. Plants literally use the suns energy, and the biospheres water and air, to produce extremely complex organic alkaloids.

Human beings tend to think that we are the only source of advanced intelligence on the planet. At the same time that human kind tends to follow such arrogant beliefs, we have failed to complete any such astonishing accomplishments as nature. The fact that we exist means that we were created. For us to blindly live our lives cursing such vast intelligent creations is simply ignorant. When you step back and look at the entire picture, it's obvious that intelligence is everywhere.

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