Fenugreek is believed to be good for breast feeding mothers by herbalists. I highly suggest reading about it via some scholarly journals because it produces interesting phytochemicals studied by researchers. Even in India, traditional Ayurvedic doctors would prescribe it to nursing mothers. A chemical that the plant creates known as "Diosgenin" is believed to attribute to this benefit. It's a popular remedy for reducing menstrual discomfort in herbalism. It's also been noted to minimize symptoms of menopause, due to the chemicals diosgenin, estrogenic, and isoflavones, which closely resemble the female sex hormone, estrogen. Low estrogen levels cause menopausal symptoms. Studies show that the consumption of Fenugreek helps to aid in reduction of cholesterol levels. Its benefits include: benefits for hair, relief from anemia, stomach ailments, respiratory disorders, oral ailments, diabetes, inflammations, wounds, and insomnia, good for lactation and helps to improve digestion. Fennel reduces cholesterol levels and protect heart, boost the immune system and protects aagainst infections.

The Science Points To Intelligent Design

Too many people today think that natural remedies are "bogus folk lore". The bible tells us that God gave man every seed bearing herb, and mentions in Ezekiel 47:12 "And by the river upon the bank thereof, on this side and on that side, shall grow all trees for meat, whose leaf shall not fade, neither shall the fruit thereof be consumed: it shall bring forth new fruit according to his months, because their waters they issued out of the sanctuary: and the fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine." My opinon is that phytochemistry IS what we need to prove herbalism is legit to those who only believe in science, and it is also evidence for the existence of the Most High. Truth is that educated University students around the world have been researching these plants for a long time. Phytochemist isolate and study pharmacological compounds that botanicals create using phytosynthesis, water, and air. Plants and herbs convert these naturally occurring elements into highly sophisticated organic chemicals. What bugs me the most is that the FDA will still come out and make claims that there is no scientific evidence to support such plants. The truth is that not enough people know about phytochemical studies and scholarly electronic databases online. Even google has one, so the notion that accurate scholarly information can't be found on the internet is simply FALSE.

Steroidal saponins makes up 4-6% of the dried seeds weight. Other phytochemicals present in this herbal remedy ( according to herbalists ) include: protodioscin, trigoneoside, diosgenin, and yamogenin, which have anticarcinogenic potential in animal models through inhibition of cell proliferation and inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis. Now that you understand the science and total credibility of such herbs, make it a mission to learn more about them and spread the word on this hidden yet mainstream science.

Fenugreek has a very pleasant aroma that reminds me of Sassafrass, yet it's a little different. I'm sure it also has a place in aromatherapy and could be used in DIY projects. I don't know a whole lot about the culinary arts but I'm willing to bet there are a recipies out there that include this delectable delight. Fenugreek is sold in different forms, from chunks to pure powder. Below I will list some of the phytochemical constituents that the plant produces. Each constituent in any given plant typically has a wide range of medicinal qualities. Chemical constituents in many plants are even the same ones made by the human body! I've even used it to cure tobacco!

Fenugreek oil (fragrant) contains neryl acetate (17.32%), camphor (16.32%), -pinene (15.05%), -caryophyllene (14.63%), 2,5-dimethylpyrazine (6.14%), geranial (4.81%), 6-methyl-5-hepten-2-one (4.48%), 3-octen-2-one (4.32%), a-selinene (4.04%), a-terpineol (2.77%), a-campholenal (2.63%), a-pinene (2.61%), and ?-terpinene (2.08%)

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