These Amanita Muscaria mushrooms have a history of use by several cultures, although I strongly advise against it. They are not to be confused with Psilocybin Mushrooms[see], BUT THEY HAVE BEEN FALSELY MISMARKETED THAT WAY WHICH IS DANGEROUS BECAUSE THEY ARE TOXIC! They are classified as a dilerant, and a falsely as a "psychedelic", and this has been disputed, and in my opinion is a conundrum. Sufficient dosages can lead to negative side effects. They were considered to be the "Soma" of the ancient (4000 BC) Rig Veda by Gordon Wasson. Although I still maintain he was an idiot and these are nothin but toxic shrooms with a reputation built upon lies, they are not "magic mushrooms" like people think. Their appreciation in different cultures throughout history is so diverse that it's mind blowing. I can't understand why, such false doctrine has passed for so long. Not all plants are poisonous, and some have medicinal potential, but at the same time, not all plants are suitable for consumption, mushrooms either, not all are medicinal either, and some are poison.... Amanita mushrooms are one of them... Despite the misconecption out there that these are "psychedelic", they are not... They are in fact a dilerant which is falsely been represented by careless online vendors as some type of thrill or "shamanic entheogen". First of all, this violates what God requests of us in the bible, which it also clearly warns will result in us being cursed.. Secondly, the science behind this shows the toxic potential. Thirdly, the cultures who consumed it did really wierd things that no normal person would do. This page is here for research, and for Biblical ethnobotany. Ethnobotany is the study of the cultural use of plants, so biblical ethnobotany is the biblical correlation with the cultural use of plants. It's descernment in which plants are good, and which are bad, and understanding acceptable context, and unacceptable context. Be free from evil, seek the Most High God.

Scientific Research

        Very rarely do you read or hear about Amanita Muscaria being useful for stimulating dreams.. There's supposedly contain a type of substance known as an "oneirogen", which is thought to stimulate dreams, however, it would take a pharmaceutical chemist to isolate out all the bad stuff to get to the little bit of supposed pharmacological constituent. To me this is an indication that this fruit is not only undesirable, but forbidden.. It's evident that large doses of this mushroom can induce negative effects. Again, these mushrooms have nothing to offer but to make you sick, will not give you a buzz, and a poison. It bothers me people keep acting like their "magic mushrooms".

There was even this show called "Sacred weeds" and they had these kids on there who claimed to have gotten "effects" off of these... IMO they were ignorant and kinda foolish. I mean if you pick young people like that for that type of experiment and they're hopefull and just "want to get high", then they'll believe anything. Don't be misguided by others and wind up sick, these are bad news

If you want to know research on real psychedelics that scientist are studying you can check out a group called MAPS can tell you everything about these substances. I have no respect for sellers who sell these mushrooms. I know they're not sitting around munching on these "having fun". You have to know, people are going to consume this stuff, and that this "not for human consumption" front, isn't fooling anyone. Research what you stock and know the good bad and the ugly before even considering selling it! If it's dangerous, leave it alone! Don't sell dangerous toxic plants used by sorcerers please, it's making the herbal industry look bad. We don't need no more rigging

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