FoTi is a rare botanical native to China. It has been utilized for its many health benefits by many cultures for centuries. It's most well known for its use in ancient Chinese medicine. There, it's known as he-shou-wu, meaning "black haired Mr. He." The name originates from a legend that depicts an elderly Chinese man whose hair is graying. He was said to regain his natural hair color by taking FoTi. This was a selling point for me because I had started loosing huge chunks of hair around the age of 26. I decided to try it myself, and while I can't prove that it's the cause, my hair eventually stopped falling out. I think that always working to lower my stress and improve my sleep also contributed. I certainly feel as though herbal remedies have changed my life for the better. I am shocked that more Americans and others around the world are not making God's meds their official pharmacy, and instead turn to serpent medical.


Because of its reputation in Chinese medicine, it's been tested by people around the world as a way to treat receeding hairlines, prevent baldness, and reverse it (supposedly, please note this isn't a personal claim I a making, but rather the reputation that the herb holds.. It has topical benefits and applications, and is most commonly used this way for dealing with baldness. Herbalist suggest it for much more, including: tuberculosis in the lymph nodes, cancer, (prostatitis), and constipation(yikes!). Alternative health practitioners suggest it as a medicine to nourish and cleanse the liver and kidney, as a blood toner, and also to fortify muscles, tendons, and bones. Keep in mind that anything which may be good for the liver or other organs may also be toxic in excessive and prolonged exposure. I get into this more in the precautions section. Not every herb is for every one, but there is AN herb for every one. That's a good quote.

Many wonder how on earth FoTi and other medicinal plants and herbs could function as medicine. The answer is that they create phytochemicals, which are pharmacological constituents studied by phytochemist. Phytochemistry is the study of the medicinal alkaloids, compounds, and chemicals in general that these remedies create. They are also found in foods, and for whatever reason, are not listed or required to be mentioned by the regulatory dictators who require nutritional information to be written on any package of anything edible within the United States. I think we should petition this into existence, and educate the youth on their benefits the same as vitamins and minerals. I always found it irritating that people would claim the benefits of such herbal remedies are "bogus" and "lacking in science". They would label me "fake news". I've been working diligently to remain a trusted source by lacking bias and providing academic citations. These scholarly references are being added to the site all the time. We should thank God for all that he has gifted us which gives life and nourishment for our flesh while we are here, and look forward to the fruit of the tree and water of life in Revelation 22:2 for all eternity.

He-shou-wu (FoTi) is also regarded in folk medicine as a powerful tonic, that can restore youthful characteristics including vitality and energy(chi). A tonic is basically something that induces a sense of well-being, or stimulates an increase in Chi. The term, "Chi" in Chinese medicine, actually refers to the vital life force that resides in all living beings. It's the divine spark of energy that gives animation to the living. To have low levels of Chi, is to be ill, according to ancient knowledge. The idea behind this ancient Chinese remedy system is to raise the level of Chi by utilizing foods, and various plants for their healing and life giving benefits. One should always consider the proper dosage and precautions when using such medicine. This is what they believe. I look at it like a combination of this ideaology pretty much but add the holy spirit in there as the most critical element. You must do as God tells you to maintain a holy vibe. False doctrine only teaches sin, which leads to death according to scripture. We have medicine for the physical and the soul, that god has gifted us. We avoid needing more of it by abiding within Jah's laws, hints cursed vs blessed.

The root of FoTi (Polygonum multiflorum) is the most prized part of the plant. Personally, I advise against buying powedered root, simply because the fact that it is in powdered form makes it virtually impossible for you to really know what it is. An exception could be a company you really trust Ancient Chinese medicine praised this root for combating premature aging. It's been used sense then to build strength and tone the liver, kidneys and blood. Of course, it should be consumed in moderation, as too much of anything is potentially not healthy. Modern herbalist use it to promote estrogen production in women gong through menopause(one more reason you should thoroughly research things before consuming them). It's even used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.(see also Damiana for aphrodisiac/erectile dysfunction.) Schwing! It may interact with other medicine so take precautions. It's a rich dark brown color and has a taste similar to Cinnamon.

In ancient Chinese medicine, practitioners could identify illness by simply looking at the patients tongue. Different areas of the tongue were associated with different parts of the body. Certain indications would appear on the patients tongue, and then practitioner would then come up with a treatment plan. I saw this on a documentary but will provide references below. Herbs such as FoTi were often combined with others to create synergistic infusions, also known as elixirs. In modern times this practice is referred to as creating infusions. They blends have had many names by many cultures including tinctures, elixirs, and 'spirits'. Asians in particular are masters of this art. They have thoroughly managed to fully embrace the essence of natures healing potential throughout the centuries. Be very very careful about doctrine associated with the use of plants as medicine.. There is a lot of witchcraft and occult teachings that are often tied in with plants, using interest in plants as bait for familiar spirits. Also avoid plant alchemy, as it is connected with violating the first two commandments, false god worship and service, idolatry, etc. See Exodus 20;


            As mentioned above, FoTi root was most commonly prepared as a decoction. A decoction is almost always made when dealing with roots. The plant material is boiled for a certain period of time. Many cultures would boil roots for hours at a time so that the chemicals in them which give their benefits could surely be extracted. It all depends on the type of alkaloids you desire. Some phytochemicals are destroyed by heat, others are not so sensitive. Aside from decoctions, elixirs can be prepared, as well as the standard tincture, or teas. I suggest covering the mixture and adding a drop of oil so that nothing can evaporate. Personally, I like to take the powdered root and just "toss and wash" it. This means to just pour it in my mouth and wash it down with a drink. I take a very small amount at a time, much less than a gram. I also like to add it to my shampoo! I use either a home-made tincture, or some of the decoction, and just pour some in with whatever brand I'm using. When shopping, consider the fact that potency matters, so price is probably going to matter here, cheap isn't a good idea. I also suggest in this case, to buy USDA organic because again, potency matters. If you buy stuff from a retail grocery store, herbal teas and stuff, they're inferior quality and won't provide any solid benefit like quality material will.


These is really no set dosage for FoTi that I am aware of, check the resources I link to at the bottom like and the others to see if they know ( usually knows about dosages ). Also I'm not a doc, and when it comes to "dosage" that's a scary thing to wanna tell someone. I do warn against overdoing it with everything though.. Depending on the patients age, health, and other influential factors, the dosage is simply guessed. It's better to take too little than too much. Research precautions, interactions, and side effects. Unless you know for sure, assume that it can't be combined with any other prescription medication. Even herbs need to be researched before mixing them because certain ones could be dangerous when combined. The root typically comes in powdered form, so what looks like very little is actually quite a bit. I never suggest buying anything powdered because powder's are easy to fake Capsules and decoctions are the two most common forms in which this medicine is used. Keep in mind that products which are powdered root, may be more than what they look like because of the concentrated nature. In my opinion, the benefits arise from pro-longed use. I think it's a good idea to take small doses as said, and also to not take it every single day of your life. Remember, we don't want to over-load organs like our liver and kidneys.


The root is commonly reported to be toxic to the liver in excessive dosages. Remember me saying that I don't think you should consume it daily? I'm not a doctor but we have to keep things in mind like side effects and precautions, always. It does have a history of use as being beneficial to the liver, yet this was done so in precise dosages by experience practitioners and for limited amounts of time. A medical rule known as the "Arndt-Schulz rule" states that small doses stimulate, moderate doses inhibit, and large doses kill. This is a general statement or rule in medicine. In other words, the main difference between a medicine and a poison is the dosage that's administered. For example, the concept of an over-dose be-speaks of a dosage which is poisonous. On the other hand, if we lower the dosage to a specific amount we find that the substance has medicinal properties. Don't make the mistake of assuming all herbs are safe, or the false belief that all of them are bad or sinister either. Remember the good fruit bad fruit theme from Genesis 3.

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