Green Vein Borneo
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Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) has recently made an appearance to the western world. It's native to Pacific regions of the planet where it has been used for some time now.

Frankincense (Boswellia carteri)
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Frankincense burns best with the use of an electric incense burner. It has been as an aid in meditation practice and alternative healing applications.

Organic Japanese Green Tea

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Fukamushi Sencha Special Japanese Green Tea

Origin: Ogasa, Shizuoka
Species: Yabukita

                    Japanese green teas are chalked full of fascinating constituents. Tea in general contains a stimulant called Theobromine. While similar to Caffeine, theobromine has a unique vibe of its own. It also contains antioxidants and can help lower cholesterol levels.

Fukamushi Sencha has a very uplifting vibe to it. It's a bit more earthy than some of the other varieties. The freshness and potency of this tea is the kicker. Being grown in superior volcanic soil in its native land has assisted the Yabukita species in yielding high in phytochemical gems. This is what makes Fukamushi tea so unique.

This strain of Japanese Green Tea demonstrates the following properties: antibacterial, antiviral,anti-allergy, preventing cavities. It contains theanine, which effects GABA receptors causing a feeling of relaxation. Its chalked full of vitamin C. It's the perfect candidate for tincture producing, being so rich in a wide range of alkaloids.

Some people love to make tinctures out of the Fukamushi Sencha Japanese tea strain because its rich in minerals and bioflavanoids. Sense bioflavonoids help keep your teeth and gums healthy, drinking them may act as a sort of mouth wash. For this, it can be mixed with Myrrh and mint. For consumption while ill, some fresh mint and ginger go great with a nice cup of Fukamushi Sencha.

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