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          Gentian was used historically as an alternative to hops, when brewing beer. The natural remedy has science to back it up. Phytochemist have isolated and researched several chemicals known as secoiridoid glycosides, amarogentin, and gentiopicrin. Like Ginger Root, it has a long history of use in alternative healing practices for treating digestive disorders. This would make it ideal as an additional ingredient to help intensify the medicinal or psychoactive qualities of other pharmacological botanicals.

It's also known to stimulate the liver, gall bladder, and makes an excellent tonic to infuse with any type of purgative, in order to prevent its debilitating effects. A tonic is something that basically makes a person feel good. As far as being a legitimate pharmacological plant goes, the documentation is overwhelming. Gentian is mentioned in the 1860 Veterinary Pharmacopeia, where it was documented to be a useful tonic and stomachic. This is only the beginning. It has many medicinal properties that are induced by the phytochemicals present within the organic plant matter.

The Science

Here comes the straight up truth. I've grown very tired of the public's lack of faith in alternative healing. It's not even really an "alternative", being that it was the original way of healing. What most people don't know is that there is science behind holistic remedies. Phytochemist are brilliant University graduates who study the microscopic wonders created by plants. Herbs use the suns energy, and the biospheres water and air, to manufacture ingenious organic alkaloids. An endless number of these compounds are used to create modern pharmaceutical drugs.

Properties Of The Chemical Constituents:

The root is anthelmintic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, bitter tonic, cholagogue, emmenagogue, febrifuge, refrigerant and stomachic. It is consumed for liver complaints, indigestion, gastric infections and anorexia. Warning: Do not use this remedy if you have a history of gastric or duodenal ulcers. It's typically prepared in the form of a decoction. This is done so by boiling the root for an extended period of time.

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