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Ginkgo Biloba (Maidenhair Tree)

What are the benefits of Ginkgo?

          Ginkgo Biloba is an herbal remedy mostly known for its benefits on mental and cognitive abilities, primarily memory. The phytochemicals present in the plant give it its pharmacological value. Phytochemistry is the study of medicinal alkaloids that highly ingenious plant chemist create. Nature itself is the most sophisticated pharmacy on the planet. It creates more chemicals with more benefits than every single drug company on the earth combined, and times ten.

It has been studied for its potential in treating dementia and even Alzheimer's disease. The two spiritual paths of Buddhism and Confucianism prize the plant. It has been utilized by alternative healers for its anti-vertigo properties and to enhance memory. College and University students find it useful for studying and preparing for exams. Its benefits are well known, making it one of the most sold supplements on the planet.

Ginkgo is believed to have a few effects on the human body. It's thought to improve the blood flow to tissues and organs, protect against oxidative cell damage from free radicals, and improve cardiovascular, renal and respiratory disorders. This is only the beginning of its history as a healing plant. One should use it moderatly, because its benefits may turn to negative side effects if used too consistently and in large doses. For some, excessive daily use may cause irritating of the stomach and intestines. This is uncommon however.

My interest in Ginkgo Biloba mainly revolves around dream recall. Although it's not believed to be an oneirogen, it has dramatically increased the length of dreams that I recall and document every morning. I like to grind it up with Damiana and either toss 'n wash it, or capsule it. The results have been astounding. Despite its benefits, one should use caution which other herbs, drugs, or pharmaceuticals it's combined with.

If you are interested in chemistry and herbal remedies, then I highly suggest taking up Phytochemistry in your journey through higher education. The world needs more brilliant minds like Albert Hoffman to expose these facts to the world. Too many people fail to understand that natural healing herbs do have science to back them up. Imagine how fun it would be to extract constituents from ethnobotanicals and then research them in a laboratory with fancy equipment, while getting paid.

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